To print out your Warehouse Location labels. 

Please note, that this setup is restricted to Warehouse Locations that are 14 characters or less. 

How to print your Warehouse Location labels

If you have a large number of labels to print, we suggest following this process using the Avery templates.

When you print labels from CartonCloud, they will automatically fit on A4 size paper. Because of this, you can use PPS label paper to easily mass-produce precut labels which can then be peeled off and directly applied to a location. See the bottom of the page for the suggested stationery. 

  • Navigate to the Warehouse Locations page, Warehouse>Warehouse Locations.
  • Then select the Warehouse Locations you would like to print on the page. To select the entire page (like in the animation below), select the top warehouse location, then while holding the SHIFT key select the bottom location. You can also use the CTRL key to select or unselect a single location if required.

  • Once all desired locations are selected, use the Print Locations Labels button to print to your A4 printer. Ensure it is loaded with sticker sheets if you are using them before printing.
As large quantities of label paper can be expensive, we highly recommend printing a single test sheet first and checking the paper is loaded in the printer with adhesive on the correct side.
  • You will now need to repeat this process for each page of locations in CartonCloud until all Warehouse Locations are printed.

Suggested Stationery

For PPS labels in Australia: PPS78165 8x labels per A4 sheet at 99.1mm x 67.7mm size. Available from Officeworks 

For PPS labels in New Zealand: Available from Warehouse Stationery

Printing Warehouse Loctioans using Avery Templates

For an easy and efficient way of printing your warehouse location labels using Avery Templates please refer to this page. 

Printing Warehouse Locations for custom label sizes 

If you have warehouse location names that are longer than 14 characters (including spaces and hyphens), you can use the following guide to export your Warehouse Locations and print them with custom label sizes.

This method also provides an alternative to printing labels in bulk rather than page by page through the web app.

For a wider label, try Product Code AV959007 (the software code for the Mail Merge is L7166) 

 If you haven't already, you will need to download a barcode font for Windows

Step 1: Printing Warehouse Locations

To create the mail merge, you will need to begin by exporting your warehouse locations.

To export your Warehouse Locations from the Warehouse Locations Screen, select More, then Export to XLS.

Creating Barcode Labels

For all remaining instructions on how to create the barcodes, you will need to follow this guide

Product Code for the wider label above is L7166