By assigning an associated Product Type to a Warehouse Location you can mark that location to only store specific stock, for example, Frozen, Quarantine or Dangerous Goods.

For a further explanation about Product types please see the article Setting up Product Types.

Editing a single location

In order to assign a Product Type to a specific Warehouse Location first type "Warehouse Locations" into Search for anything! and select the page.

From the Warehouse Locations, select the location you wish to change the Product type for.

Now on the View Warehouse Location page select the Associations tab.

Next, select Product Types.

Select the Product Type you want to enable for this location. Keep in mind a location can store multiple Product Types.  

Finally, select Save for the changes to be applied.

Editing multiple locations in Bulk

If you want to update the Product type of many Warehouse Locations at once then this can be done quickly through the Edit Warehouse Locations in Bulk feature.

To begin, first type "Warehouse Locations" into Search for anything! and select the page.

Next, select the More button and then select Edit Warehouse Locations in Bulk from the drop-down menu.

Now either use Filters to find the Warehouse Locations you wish to change then select Search, or immediately select Search to bring up a list of all locations (which will likely be separated over many pages).

Select the Warehouse Locations you wish to edit, then select Bulk Edit.

In the Edit Location pop up. Tick the Change Product type box, then select which Product Types you would like to apply to the Location.

Finally, select Save and the changes will soon be made within the system.