If a Sale Order is imported into CartonCloud but there is insufficient stock available to fulfill the order then the Sale Order will be rejected and its status updated accordingly. On large imports, this can sometimes result in many rejected Sale Orders sitting in the system, where they remain until the relevant stock is loaded in by a Purchase Order, or they are canceled entirely.

Once the stock is available, then the Sale Orders will need to be reprocessed. This article will cover how to easily reprocess rejected Sale Orders with just a few clicks.

There are different errors that can occur that prevent a Sale Order from importing successfully. Some errors, such as 'Product not found' require manual intervention and will be excluded from the bulk re-processing until the error is fixed. This prevents the re-processing of incorrect Sale Order data. For more information see Excluded Sale Order errors from bulk re-processing. 

  • From the main menu, select Warehouse > Sale Orders
  • Now on the Sale Orders page, select the Filter tab.
  • Apply the appropriate filters so that the system is only searching for orders that you wish to reprocess. Alternatively, not selecting any filters will show all results, meaning all orders in the "Rejected" status will be reprocessed.
  • Select Go! and the Sale Orders will appear on the page.

In the scenario above, a filter has been applied to only show orders for the customer "ABC Pty Ltd" and with the "Rejected" status type. This will restrict the system to only reprocessing orders for that specific customer "ABC Pty Ltd". 

It is not necessary to filter by the Rejected status type, as reprocessing will only ever be attempted on these orders, however, it does allow the user to more easily see which orders are about to be reprocessed.

  • Once filters have been applied. Click the Select All button and all Sale Orders on the page will be highlighted.
  • A new button will then appear on the screen to re-process the orders. Select it.

  • A confirmation box will appear on the screen as shown below. This explains what the system is about to do when reprocessing the orders, so read it carefully.

  • Provided you wish to proceed with reprocessing. Select OK.
  • On success, a banner will appear at the top of the page.

  • The result of the reprocess can then be viewed once completed by selecting the bell icon at the top right of the page.

Sale Orders failing to reprocess

If there are Sale Orders which have failed to reprocess, then there is still likely not enough stock available to fulfil those order. 

To get further detail on why an order failed, select it from the Sale Order page > then navigate to the Errors tab. A message will appear describing why that order failed.

In the example above, the order contained 54 units of a product called "vcb", but only 14 are available. Therefore it was rejected by the system.

Excluded Sale Order errors from bulk re-processing

When importing a Sale Order into CartonCloud there are different errors that can occur that prevent the data importing successfully. As mentioned above, when these errors do occur, such as insufficient stock, the order can be re-processed once the stock becomes available. However, some errors require manual intervention before they can be re-processed, such as if the product type is not found in CartonCloud when the Sale Order is imported. If this does occur an error message on the Sale Order will appear as 'Product not found'. This means the product does not exist in CartonCloud and before it can be re-processed the product needs to be created. 

To resolve this error message follow the below steps:

  • Via the Parsing Log, check that there are no spelling errors for the Product Code (SKU) on the Sale Order.
  • If there are no errors on the Product Code, create a new product within CartonCloud (see Add a Product).
  • Add the product to the Sale Order with the required quantities. 
  • Mark the error as resolved within the Sale Order errors tab. 
  • The Sale Order can now be re-processed once stock is available.