If you need to pick orders on a per-run basis or have drivers picking their own stock prior to leaving the warehouse, you can generate a Pick Sheet from a Run Sheet. Doing this requires you to allocate the Consignments associated with Sale Orders to a Run Sheet, then produce a Pick Sheet from the Run Sheet.

Alternatively, if you have multiple Sale Orders to pick for a Run Sheet we recommend using Wave Picking by Run Sheet.

Configure Sale Orders to Generate Consignments on Import

As Run Sheets are generated from Consignments, the first step is to configure CartonCloud to create Consignments upon Sale Order creation. This option is turned on from within the Customer Settings:

In the Main Menu select Contacts then in the drop-down menu select Customers 

Search for the Customer you wish to generated consignments on Import for then select Edit

Then head to the Warehouse Management tab followed by Sale Order sub-tab.

Change Automatically Generate a Consignment from a Sale Order to "Yes, on Sale Order Import or Pack Completion".

Export Pick Sheets from Run Sheets

Once you have created a run sheet, simply click the "Pick Sheet" button to export a Bulk Picking List.

Marking the Orders Packed/Dispatched

Marking the orders packed/dispatched is a manual process, but can be made relatively fast by simply searching for the associated Sale Order Ids within the Sale Orders Screen

If you don't want to physically work through the Sale Order Packing process, you can simply update the status.