Outgoing Warehouse Movements (Sale Orders) can be converted into Transport Jobs (Consignments) immediately upon packing completion (or even before they're packed).

This allows the Warehouse and Transport sides of CartonCloud to work together without the need for manual data entry or intervention.

Additionally, you can also set CartonCloud up to transfer Sale Order Product types to the Consignment as well as the Volume and Weight.

Enabling Consignment Generation from Sale Orders

To configure Sale Order Consignment Settings, navigate to Customers → { select the customer you want } → Edit.
Then click Warehouse Management → Sale Order and scroll down to the section labelled "Consignment" 

Consignment Option Fields and Descriptions

Automatically Generate a Consignment from a Sale Order

NoNever create a Consignment from a Sale Order automatically.
Yes, when Sale Order is Packed Only(default) Consignment is generated when the Sale Order finishes being packed. The Consignment then goes immediately to "In Warehouse" status.
Yes, on Sale Order Import or Pack Completion

Consignment is generated as soon as the Sale Order is imported, you then have the option of what the status of the Consignment should be:
Initial Status Of Automatically Generated Consignments 

Awaiting Sale Order PackingConsignment goes to the "Awaiting Sale Order Packing" status and does not get given a Delivery Run Date until packing completed
In WarehouseConsignment goes to the "In Warehouse" status and is immediately given a Delivery Run Date for allocation.

Sale Order Default After Pack Screen

Consignment (Label Printing) Page

After you finish packing a Sale Order, you'll be immediately taken to the Consignment screen to print labels.

Back to Sale Order PageAfter you finish packing a Sale Order, you'll be taken back to either the View Sale Order page, or the View Wave Pick page (if picking Sale Order as part of a Wave Pick)

Default Sender Address for Consignments Generated from Sale Orders

If you display the Sender Address on Manifests / Run Sheets it can be important to show a specific Sender Address for each customer who you pick stock for. This option enables you to specify the Sender Address for the automatically generated consignments. If nothing is provided here it defaults to the address of your Warehouse.