This article covers how to delete Sale Orders in large quantities from the Sale Orders page.

To get to the Sale Order page, select Warehouse in the Main menu > Sale Orders from the drop-down.

By Manual Selection

This simple method is best used when all the orders you wish to delete are on the same page (less than 30 orders).

  • Select each Sale order you wish to delete.
  • Multiple sale orders in a row can be selected by selecting the top order, holding the Shift key, then selecting the bottom-most sale order. This will cause all orders between the two to be selected.
  • Select Delete and a popup window will appear to confirm the deletion.
  • Select OK and the orders will be deleted.

Using Filters and the Select All button

This method can be used to delete all Sale Orders that are searched for through the Filter tab. This method is best used for large deletions (30+ Orders).

  • On the Sale order page, select the Filter tab.
  • Apply the necessary filters so that only the Sale Order you wish to delete appear in the search.

In the example above, the user has decided to clean up old orders still in Draft status from the month of May. This has resulted in 4 pages of results, totalling 49 sale orders.

  • Next, click the Select All button and all orders will be highlighted (including any that might be on the following pages, such as the 4 pages in the example above).

Warning: Deselecting even a single Sale order at this stage will result in the Delete all button disappearing and being replaced with the Delete button (which only deletes orders on the current page).

  • Select Delete All and the system will produce a warning message to ensure you wish to continue with the deletion. Remember, deletion cannot be undone!
  • Provided you wish to continue, select OK.
  • The Sale Order records have now been deleted from CartonCloud.