This article assumes some pre-requisite knowledge on the subject of Bill of Materials products and how they work inside CartonCloud.

If you are not familiar with BOM products yet. Please read the Bill of Materials (BOM) article before proceeding.

This article covers how to create a Sale Order containing Bill of Material Products that have not yet being built. This means the components to make that Product are in stock, but they have not yet been combined to build the single BOM product in the system.

For example, perhaps a warehouse sends out coffee hampers for a customer, containing different individual bags of coffee. This article will cover how to create a Sale Order for that Hamper and have it automatically select the individual bags of stock that need to be combined to build the hamper.

Enabling the Setting

This functionality requires the Product and Customer setting "If finished Bill of Material products (BOMs) are out of stock, take from individual components" to be set to Yes*. 

For further instructions on how to enable this setting. See the Bill of Materials article.

*Or Yes at a customer level, and Use Customer Setting at the product level.

Step-by-step Instructions

  • To begin, create a Sale Order by selecting Warehouse in the main menu > Sale Orders from the drop-down
  • Now select  towards the top left of the page.
  • Fill in the Sale Order details for Customer, Delivery address, etc, as required. Then select . The Sale Order will be created.
  • Now viewing the Sale Order. Select the Products tab.
  • If you attempt to add a BOM product which does not have any stock built yet, the system will display a message of "No stock available for this product".
  • To get around this message, type the quantity of the BOM product that you wish to add to the Sale order, then select 

  • The system will navigate back to the View Sale Order page on the Products tab. Now, select 
  • The system will navigate back to the Details tab, select the Products tab again and observe that the BOM products will now have been replaced by the product components which make up that BOM product, in the correct quantities to build the quantity you have requested.

  • The system will have already taken stock from the most efficient locations based on the stock selection methods you have set up. If you wish to change this to take stock from different locations manually, do so now by selecting  on the product line.
  • Repeat the above steps for any extra BOM products you wish to add to the Sale Order.
  • Once all stock has been added and the Sale Order is ready to be picked, select  on the Details page to change it to a status of 'Awaiting Pick and Pack'