When receiving a Purchase Order, sometimes the quantity received does not match the Purchase Order's initial quantity due to some products being on backorder or the order is being split over multiple shipments. Split receiving will move the unconfirmed products onto a new Purchase Order, enabling Packers to process only what has arrived.

This feature is available for both Packers and Administrators through either the mobile app or the web app. Specifically, this feature is located within the Purchase Order verification stage.

Video Overview

Turning on the Split Purchase Order Feature

This feature must be turned on for each Customer that you wish to allow the functionality for. 

  • To turn it on for a Customer, select Contacts in the main menu, followed by Customers in the drop-down menu.
  • Now select the Customer you wish to turn the feature on for.
  • From the View Customer page, select Edit near the bottom left of the page. 
  • Navigate to the Warehouse Management tab, followed by the Purchase Order subtab.
  • Check the box shown in the image below to allow split receiving.

Splitting a Purchase Order during the Verification stage

Once the above setting has been checked you can now proceed to split Purchase Orders for that customer.

This article will cover how to perform a split within the Web App.

Begin by navigating to the Purchase Order you are receiving. This is easiest done by searching for its reference in Search for anything! However, you can also select Warehouse in the main menu, followed by Purchase Orders in the drop-down menu.

If you have not yet created the Purchase Order then first use the article - Add a Purchase Order.

Once viewing the Purchase Order you will need to update the status from Draft or Approved to Received.

Next, select Verify Purchase Order Products as shown below to be taken to the verification page.

Now on the verification page, you can confirm what stock has arrived on the Purchase Order.

Splitting Purchase Order Product Lines

It's possible that the stock which you wish to split into separate Purchase Orders is on a single Purchase Order Product Line. In order to split a partial amount of this stock onto a new Purchase Order, the line itself will need to be split first.

There is a couple of ways this can be achieved as shown below.

Splitting by confirming a lesser on-hand quantity

By typing an amount in the "Confirmed Onhand" field that is less than the "Expected Onhand", then selecting the Confirm box, the system will automatically split the expected amount into multiple lines on the Purchase Order. 

For example, see the animation below where 4 units are split into 2 lines of 2 units, which could then be split onto a separate Purchase Order.

Splitting using More > Bulk Split

If you get the warning "You're potentially undercharging storage" then it is likely that you need to perform a bulk split. To do this see the article - Prevent Undercharged Storage

Confirming the Purchase Order Split

You will notice that since the split Purchase Order feature has now been enabled when a single Purchase Order Product line is ticked there is an option at the bottom of the page to Split Receiving.

Once this button is selected the system will prompt you with a warning to check if you wish to proceed with creating a separate purchase order for all product's that are not confirmed as received.

Once you select Create a new Purchase Order will be created with the status of Not yet received. The new Purchase Order will automatically be populated with the same reference as the Purchase order it was split from, except it will also have a dash and an incrementing number attached to the end of it.

For example, if you split a Purchase Order with the reference - PO12345 the reference of the split order will be PO12345 - 2.

A banner will also appear at the top of the page, providing you with a link to the navigate to the new Purchase Order that was created.

Once the split is completed the Complete Verification button will appear at the bottom of the page so that you can confirm the receipt of all stock which you have checked as arrived.

Tracking split Purchase Orders

Once a Purchase order is split it is marked as such in multiple areas in the system, allowing you to easily track when a Purchase Order was split and what order it's related to.

Using the History tab to find when an Order was split

When a Purchase Order is split a log of the action is created within the History tab as shown below.

Using the Group tab to find related orders

Once a Purchase Order is split or created from a split it will have an additional tab named "Group" appear when viewing the Purchase Order. Within this group tab, you can easily see a list of all the Purchase Orders which came from the original. This includes if you split the original Purchase Order multiple times, or you further split the children Purchase Orders. 

The original Purchase Order can easily be identified by checking for the "Original" text next to its ID.

Pricing of Split Purchase Orders

Once a Purchase Order is split, the resulting Purchase Order/s which are created will be treated as entirely separate orders for pricing purposes. This means the split Purchase order that is created will have its own inbound handling and ad hoc charges just like any other Purchase Order.