How to receive stock into your warehouse using a Purchase Order. 

Steps to receive a Purchase Order

It is assumed in the below process that the Purchase Order for the stock being received, is already created in CartonCloud and the status is Not Yet Received. Please see Add a Purchase Order for information on how to create a Purchase Order. 
  • Navigate to the Purchase Order page, Warehouse>Purchase Orders.
  • Select the Not Yet Received tab or alternatively search for the Purchase Order you wish to receive in the search box and then select the relevant Purchase Order. 

The next steps can optionally be completed by warehouse floor staff on a tablet by logging into the CartonCloud Web App on a tablet using Google Chrome. Alternatively, you can receive a Purchase Order on the mobile application with a barcode scanner. For more information see Scan Putaway Process
  • Once the stock has arrived at the warehouse, you will need to update the Purchase Order status to Received. To do so, select Update status to Received.
If you have the Send Purchase Order Goods Received confirmation email turned on then the notification will be sent to the customer once the Purchase Order is in the Received status.

  • When you are ready to verify the products you have received into the warehouse, select Verify Purchase Order Products. If you wish to skip this step and move straight to allocating the Purchase Order to a warehouse location select the drop-down arrow and select Bypass Verification ProcessThis means you will not verify the product against the received to the expected and move straight to assigning the product to a warehouse location. It is recommended you utilise the verification step to ensure the correct stock has been received. 

If you wish to generate an SSCC upon receiving stock, please see the Enabling and using SSCC/GS1 Labels page. SSCC is a paid feature and to enable this feature you will need to reach out to the CartonCloud team
  • If you have selected Verify Purchase Order Products, you will be directed to the Verify & Allocate Page. 
  • Confirm the Purchase Order details. For example, the expiry date and onhand quantities.
  • If Purchase Order Product Custom Fields are set up for the Customer, you will need to record the required data against the stock. For example, the batch number. 
  • Allocate the stock to a warehouse location.
If you do not wish to allocate the stock to a location at this stage, you can leave the Location field blank. This means the Purchase Order will move to a Verified status. Please see the Allocating Verified Stock section of this article for more information. 
  • Select Print to print the Purchase Order Product (POP) labels. Please see Label Printing for more information. 

Note, you may receive a warning message reading, 'You're Potentially Undercharging Storage!' if you do please see the Splitting & Bulk Splitting section of this article. 
  • Select the green Complete Verification button at the bottom of the screen. 
  • A pop-out window will appear to record any applicable Adhoc charges.
  • Enter values for the applicable fields.
  • Select Finish!.

  • The Purchase Order status will now be Allocated. If you did not allocate the Purchase Order to a Warehouse Location, the status will be Verified. Please see the Allocating Verified Stock section of this article for the next steps. 
Storage Charges will only begin to accrue on a Purchase Order once it is allocated to a Warehouse Location. 

Video Guide 

Follow along with our CEO, Vicent as he explains how to receive a Purchase Order on the web app.

Splitting & Bulk Splitting

When verifying the Purchase Order you may receive a warning message that reads as below: 

This warning displays when you are attempting to bring in more than 1 pallet per Purchase Order Product Line.

If you do not amend the error, it means that multiple pallets will be allocated to a single warehouse location. If your charging method is not reliant on per pallet storage charges, then you can move on without amending the error. 

If you do wish to amend the error, you can perform a bulk split to split the products into one Purchase Order Product line per pallet. To perform a bulk split follow the below steps:

  • Select More on the product displaying the warning.
  • Select Bulk Split.
  • Confirm how many units or cartons are on a pallet in the Qty/ Pallet field.
  • Click Bulk Split

In the above example, a single Purchase Order Product line contained 8 units of steel toolboxes. When Bulk splitting the toolboxes we confirm that only 4 fit onto a pallet, meaning two pallets are arriving. Once the bulk split is performed the product is split from one to two purchase order Product lines (the same number as the number of pallets), this now allows us to allocate them to separate Warehouse Locations.

The same process can be followed to Split products that may need to be separated due to their Status. For example, if 3 cartons at the top of the pallet are damaged you can perform a split, then allocate them to a different part of the warehouse.

Allocating Verified Stock

If all stock on the Purchase Order is not yet put away (allocated to Warehouse Locations) the Order will still be in a status of Verified.

To allocate the Purchase Order to a Warehouse Location:

  • Select Allocate Purchase Order Products

  • Select the Warehouse Location you wish to allocate the stock to. 
  • Click Complete Allocation

  • The Purchase Order will now be in it's the final status of Allocated and associated storage charges will begin to accrue.