For stock in a Bulk Warehouse Location, you can merge the stock into one pallet. By merging pallets, the pallet ID's become the same, and CartonCloud treats the stock as a single pallet for charging and stock picking on Sale Orders. 

You can merge pallets of stock either from within the Product or from the Warehouse Location

This does not work for stock in Single Pallet locations.

Merge pallets from the Product 

To merge pallets from the Product:

  • Navigate to the Products page, Warehouse>Products.
  • Select the Product of stock you wish to merge pallets for. 
  • Select the Stock tab from within the Product.

  • Select the stock line you wish to merge using the checkboxes.
  • Select the blue Move button. 
  • Enter the quantity you wish to merge
  • Choose the warehouse location you are merging the pallet into (where the other pallet you are merging it with should already be)
  • Change the drop-down to Merge with Existing Pallet
  • Select which Pallet you wish to Merge the stock into in the pop-up window, then Close the pop-up.
  • Select Move, and the merge will be completed.

  • The result should be 2 or more records (depending on the number of Pallets you are merging) with the same Pallet ID as shown below.

Merge pallets from the Warehouse Location 

Note that you can only merge pallets for stock in a Bulk Warehouse Location. 
  • Navigate to the Warehouse Location page, Warehouse>Warehouse Locations
  • Select the Bulk Warehouse Location that has the pallets you wish to merge. 
  • Select the Stock tab.
  • Click Bulk Move Stock

  • Enter the quantity you wish to move in the Move QTY box.
  • Select the Bulk Warehouse Location you wish to move the stock to.
  • Select Merge with Existing Pallet from the Pallet dropdown. 
  • Select the Pallet you wish to merge the pallet with. 
  • Select Close.
  • Click Move