There may be times when you need to update Product properties in bulk. This feature will allow you to update the following fields against a product in bulk,

  • Product Type
  • Storage Charge Method
  • Allow Zero Storage Charge
  • Require Weight
  • Warning Threshold Days
  • Expiry Threshold Days
  • Enable Low Stock Notification
  • Low Stock Threshold

To make changes to Products in Bulk. On the Products page select the More button, then select Edit Products in Bulk from the drop-down menu.

Once there, you can search using the filters, or just click "Search" to bring up all results:

It's import to note that the "Select All Products on this page" checkbox can be used to quickly select all products for changes.

Changes can then be made by clicking the Bulk Edit button at the bottom of the page.

The Editing Box will then appear allowing you to select what to change. Note that by default fields will not be modified - so only make changes to those fields that you want to be modified.
For example in the image below you can see how to change all products to a Frozen Product Type.

Then click Save, and the products you selected will be updated with the new value.