CartonCloud supports GS1-compliant SSCC label generation and scanning. 

SSCC is a Paid Feature.  

SSCC label generation$500 per year, per customer (payable 12 months in advance)

To request SSCC be turned on, please contact our Support.

Please note, before you can begin using SSCC barcodes you must first obtain a GS1 Company Prefix from GS1 Australia. 

For information in regards to the breakdown of an SSCC barcode, please click here

For more information in regards to what an SSCC is, please click here


You can set up SSCC generation when stock is received as a Purchase Order or when stock is packed as a Sale Order. 

SSCC Limitations

Please note that once you have enabled SSCC for a customer, every outgoing POP must have an SSCC generated against it (either on incoming or outgoing). 

  • Each SSCC label can only contain a single product / SKU. Therefore, CartonCloud does not currently support multi-SKU SSCC labels.
  • While SSCC labels may be generated on either incoming or outgoing, stocks cannot be combined into a single SSCC label (even if they are the same SKU). Each SSCC label is for a single Purchase Order Product (POP) record.
  • You can only generate an SSCC when using the web application, not the mobile application. 

Example SSCC label from CartonCloud

How to Enable SSCC for your Customer

To enable SSCC generation and labels for a Customer, you will need to:

  1. Send a request to us to enable SSCC for the Customer on your CartonCloud account
  2. Enable SSCC POP Custom Fields

Request SSCC for the Customer on your CartonCloud account

Send a Support request to us containing the below:

  • The Extension Digit - The extension digit has no defined logic and is used to increase the capacity of the Serial Reference.
  • GS1 Company Prefix - GS1 Company prefixes are 7-10 digits. Serial Reference numbers are 6-9 digits.
  • Start Range and End Range - This is the range of numbers that the customer has been assigned for their barcode. GS1 would have given the manufacturer a number range when they signed up as members. If the warehouse customer/manufacturer is unsure of the range, it is best to contact GS1 directly to confirm.

Please click here for a breakdown of the SSC label contents. 

For a complete guide on SSCC, please click here

Enable SSCC POP Custom Fields

Once we have enabled SSCC for your Customer, you will need to create an SSCC Purchase Order Product (POP) Custom Field. 

To create an SSCC POP Custom Field:

  • Navigate to the Customers page, Contacts>Customers
  • Select the relevant Customer. 
  • Select Edit

  • Select the Warehouse Management tab and then the Purchase Order Products tab. 
  • Enter a Custom Field called SSCC. 
  • Select Input Type of SSCC. 
  • This will create a New SSCC Barcode button on the verify Purchase Order page and pack Sale Order page
  • For other custom fields, such as "Serial Number", link them to the correct GS1 Barcode Field Identifier. This will allow them to be printed on the labels. It's important to note that CartonCloud supports printing two Custom Fields onto the labels (plus SSCC in addition).

Example of the New SSCC Barcode button on the Purchase Order Verification Screen

How to use SSCC generation when packing a Sale Order

Note, you can only generate an SSCC when using the web application, not the mobile application. 

You have the option of generating an SSCC when either receiving a Purchase Order (stock coming into the warehouse) or when packing a Sale Order (stock leaving the warehouse). However, it is recommended that you generate the SSCC when packing the Sale Order (stock leaving the warehouse). 

When packing the Sale Order on the web app:

  • Navigate to the Sale Orders page, Warehouse>Sale Orders
  • Select the Sale Order you wish to pack. 
  • Ensure the Sale Order is in the Awaiting Pick and Pack status (if it is not, select Approve). 
  • Select Pack Sale Order

  • Select Generate SSCC.
  • Alternatively, you can select the arrow and select Set Manually from the drop-down menu. This will prompt you to fill in the SSCC field manually. 

  • The SSCC field will then be filled with the SSCC number. 
  • You then have the option to print the SSCC label by selecting Print SSCC

How to use SSCC generation when receiving a Purchase Order

  • Navigate to the Purchase Order page, Warehouse>Purchase Orders.
  • Select the relevant Purchase Order. 
  • Ensure the status of the Purchase Order is Received. 
  • Select Verify Purchase Order Products

  • Select the New SSCC Barcode button to generate the SSCC. 

  • The SSCC number will now be visible in the SSCC field.