Consignment Errors are reported by Users of CartonCloud and can be reported from within the Consignments themselves. These Errors range from the Consignment being Undeliverable to having their Cartons/Pallets count changed. Consignment Errors by default are visible only to Admins and Onforwarders. However, if a Customer requests access to the Consignment Errors for whatever reason, Admins can allow access. This access is controlled by an Organisation Setting which means that once turned on, all Customers will have access to the Consignment Errors. 

An important note is that when Customers are allowed access to the Consignment Errors, and a Customer views the list of Errors, then the Customer will only see the Errors that correspond to them. They will not see errors that belong to other Customers.

Allowing Customer Access to Consignment Errors

To allow Customers access to the Consignment Errors:

  1. Click in the "Search For Anything" bar at the top of the screen and type "Organisation Settings" and click the entry that appears. This will bring up the Edit Organisation Settings screen.
  2. Navigate to the Features & Options tab.

  3. Scroll down the Settings and check the box for the option: Show Consignment Errors Menu to Customers.

While this box is checked all Customers will have access to the Consignment Errors.