Run Sheet Statuses are useful if you're doing things like building Pallets for your drivers, and need to keep track of the statuses of the Run Building process. 

To enable Run Sheet Statuses

  1. To enable the Run Sheet Statuses feature you will need to select More in the main menu, followed by Organisational Settings in the drop-down menuWithin Organisation settings select the Features and Options tab.

  2. Check the Show Run Sheet Statuses checkbox and click Save.

To use the statuses on the listing table

  1. Navigate to the Run Sheets screen.
  2. You will notice there is a Status column in the table. This status tracks the status of the given run sheet.
  3. At the bottom of the table, you will also notice there is now another button for updating Run Sheet status.
  4. To update the status make a selection using the checkboxes and then click the Update Run Sheet Status button and select which status you would like to update the Run Sheet to.
  5. The page will reload and once done you will see that the Status for the select row or rows has been updated to your selection.

To use the statuses in the Run Sheet details screen

View a Run Sheet. You will notice that in the Details tab there is now a new section on the right side.

This is the status for this Run Sheet. It can be updated by clicking on the Update Run Sheet Status button and choosing a status just like on the listing table. When choosing a status a prompt will appear new the top of the browser asking for confirmation of the status update.

Pallet Building

Once a Run Sheet is in Ready to Build or Building Statuses, you can then enter the Run Building Screen. This is used by staff who build pallets for loading into the trucks. The screen allows them to ensure that each consignment on the Run Sheet is loaded correctly.
Within the Run Sheet Building Screen your warehouse staff can specify which consignments have been loaded onto which pallet. Begin by pressing the "Confirm" button beside the jobs, then down the bottom select the Pallet that they're being loaded onto. This will then allocate the Consignments to those pallets. Once they've been allocated a 2nd pallet will be created which may be used for additional consignments.

With pallets created, you can now filter into each Pallet to see what is on it. Right now we're looking at Unallocated Consignments (those not allocated to a Pallet)

Clicking on a particular pallet will show what is on that pallet. To unallocate a consignment from a Pallet simply press the Confirm Checkbox again to "Unallocate" it. It will then disappear from the screen as it is taken off the pallet.

Once you've finished building pallets, click Complete Building, the status will then update to "Built".