In CartonCloud it is possible to record the GPS location of the driver at the time of delivery. This is setting is turned off by default and must be turned on for each customer that you wish to record the coordinates for. Please note turning this on will make the location appear on the POD sent from the system.

The GPS coordinates are taken directly from the mobiles data, therefore the driver's location services must be turned on within the mobile's settings for the feature to work. The accuracy of the location is also dependant on the mobile's GPS, not CartonCloud. 

This can be a useful tool to check if a consignment was dropped off at the correct location, especially if a Customer is reporting not received it.

Please note, the location data is accurate enough to check if a Driver has delivered to the correct street, but not necessarily accurate enough to determine the exact number within that street (might show #9 instead of #11). Again, this is dependant on the mobile's GPS data, not CartonCloud.

Driver's using iOS devices must enable Precise location permissions for CartonCloud when recording the POD. If precise location is not turned on then the device will report an approximate location only, resulting in this location being recorded on the POD.

Turning Location Recording on

To turn on the recording of GPS coordinates for a Customer you will need to do the following,

  • Select Contacts, then Customers from the drop-down in the main menu.
  • Select the Customer you wish to turn the setting on for.
  • Select Edit.

  • Select the Transport Management tab.

  • Followed by the POD sub-tab.

  • Now turn on the option "Show delivery GPS Coordinates in Consignment History"

  • Finally, on the same page, click Save.

All POD's for that customer will now include the GPS location data of the driver at the time the driver submits the POD signature.

Example POD

An example of how the POD will look for the following delivery.

In the History tab of the Consignment

Clicking View on Map will then take you that location on Google Maps using the coordinates.

On the POD 

The GPS coordinates and link to view on Google will also appear on the PDF POD file.