Once a Run sheet has been created and consignments have been ordered into their preferred delivery sequence the customer invoice documents attached to those consignments can then be printed in the order of the run.

This provides an easy way to collate all the documentation required for a run, ensuring the drivers have the right invoices for the jobs they're delivering, in the correct order.

If you are using the CartonCloud warehouse module then invoices can also flow through automatically from their associated Sale Order

Printing all Run Sheet Customer Invoices in Order

Before printing customer invoices the run sheet must first be complete (meaning all consignments allocated) and sorted into the order into the desired run order.

Once this is completed, the invoices can easily be downloaded in the same order as the delivery order.

  • To begin, navigate to the Run sheet you wish to print invoices for so you land on the View Run Sheet page.

  • Select the Download button > Consignment Invoices

The customer invoices attached to all consignments within the run sheet will be download through the browser as a single PDF file. 

This PDF file is ordered so that the first delivery's invoice will be the first page of the PDF, the second delivery's invoice/s will follow, and so on...

It is now possible to open the PDF File, print the invoices, and provide them to the driver in the correct delivery order.