Bulk Downloading PODs via Invoice/Manifest

You can export bulk Proof Of Deliveries from either an Invoice or Manifest.

Due to the processing time required to generate a bulk proof of delivery (POD), the system will notify you when your bulk export is ready for download through the notifications bell.

Depending on the number of POD's you’re trying to download, the file could take anywhere from 5 minutes to several hours to export, however you’ll be notified instantly when the files are available.

Once generated, files are only available for download for 24 hours. After this time they’re deleted and will need to be re-downloaded again.

FTP POD Download

Another option for customers to access POD's is via the FTP Download option. This will send a copy of POD's as they are completed to the nominated FTP Server where Customers can access them from that point. To configure this select Contacts in the main menu followed by Customers in the drop-down menu then find the correct customer and use Edit to bring up the edit screen where you will find the FTP tab option.

Now tick the box for the PODs or Sale Order Receipts as appropriate for what you want to send. Then select Save and navigate to this screen again, now select Add FTP Server. Complete with the details as noted in this screen based upon the FTP settings that the customer wants the files to be sent to.

Providing a directory is not necessarily required and is up to the receiving party to advise where they would like POD's to go.

The Name field is for you to simply name this FTP Server for ease of use, this is not to do with the FTP Server itself.

Then select Save when ready and it will now be active and send new PODs to this FTP Server.