If you have deleted a record by accident or need to see the detail of a record being deleted the Deletion Log allows you to do this.

When a Sale Order, Purchase Order, Consignment or Manifest is deleted the record of that deletion will appear in the Deletion Log alongside details such as the user who made the deletion plus more.

Video Overview

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click into Search for Anything field
  2. Enter 'Deletion Log'
  3. Filter Option or All, select one of these options PurchaseOrder, SaleOrder, Consignment, Manifest
  4. Select User or All
  5. Select date range or enter for open date range
  6. Hit Green button 'Go'
  7. You will now see your data displayed in the screen below
  8. Select the log you want to view, this will display the details of the deleted record

Steps 1 - 6

 Steps 7 -8 

Step 8