In CartonCloud it is possible to group consignments on invoices to force cumulative job charge totals, for example, weight or cubic measurement. This allows you to also apply only one base charge for the group of consignments.

This can be useful for customers who have a rate agreement where consignment base charges are per period, as well as other scenarios where you might want to group multiple consignments into a single charge.

Further information on Consignment Grouping can be found in the Consignment Grouping article.

Step-by-Step Guide

Select the Consignments tab within the relevant invoice.

Select the consignments you want to group and select +Add to selection.

Then, select Group Consignments.

To apply the pricing changes recalculate the invoice by selecting Calculate Invoice Totals on the Details tab.

The grouped consignments are identified as below with a red G now within the reference.