Storage Charges can be added for fixed periods. This is to cover situations like charging an area of the warehouse at a fixed rate each week, for example, 500sqm @ $2000.00 per week. Or charging containers at a fixed rate. The goal is to have either this only, or a situation where stock can be stored in these areas without influencing the storage period; i.e. different storage levels, same charges.

Adding Fixed Charge

Start with adding a New Product Types, we suggest calling it Fixed Storage.

Then make sure the warehouse locations will accept that stock, for example, the warehouse locations that these products are going into. 

Also as part of this change, change the Location Product Type to be Fixed Storage as well.

Add a new Product called Fixed Storage (or whatever name will be appropriate so on the billing your customer can reconcile the charge).

Use the new Product Type created previously called Fixed Storage. If you understand the concept well here, instead of changing the customer charges for storage later, you could simply change the storage charge here to Per Item and enter the weekly / monthly charge here instead.

Now go to the Rate Cards and in the Storage Section assign your rate per storage period - for example, $2000 per week. This would be for 1 x the amount, there is the opportunity to charge per sqm for example, so $2000 / 500, you would have $4.00 instead.

Also in Rate Cards go to the area called Charge Product Type and change from Product to Location. This means that the charging will look at the Warehouse Locations Product Type instead of the products themselves that are loaded in that warehouse location.

This is a major charging change and is best applied when the customer has a consistent charging scheme. i.e. if changing to this charging for a bulk location and other products for the same customer require mixed product type charging not relevant to the warehouse location, i.e. the products are mixed throughout the warehouse location, then this will not work well. Suggestion is to split the customer into 2 different customers for handling/charging purposes or pursue alternative methods.

Now go to the Warehouse Location and add the stock directly to it e.g. 1 amount for the full $2000 per storage period charge. This can be handled like normal stock, by removing the stock or editing the amounts to achieve the pricing changes required. Through Stock Adjustments for example.

This has created an adjustment Purchase Order for the storage to start and you're away. There will now be a fixed storage charge getting applied to each invoice.

Changing Storage Products to be Zero Charged

The reason for this is to support the situation where you want the area to have a fixed charge regardless of storage volumes each storage period. There are 2 main ways to achieve this; changing the product to not charge any storage, or changing the location to not charge any storage. Both use the Product Types control the charging.

Change Product to be $0.00 charges

Using either the standard Product Types loaded on a product or by creating a unique one for the products being assigned to the locations that have fixed charges, go to the Rate Cards and for the Product Types load a $0.00 charge for their storage.

So you should end up with the new Product Type having the fixed storage amount as described above, and then the actual customer products having no charge.

Change Warehouse Location to be $0.00 charge

Similar to the other process, the difference is that the Product Type to be $0.00 charged on the customer charges is the Warehouse Location Product Type instead. Still change in the customer charges, but also swap the charging methodology from the Product to the location instead.

Using Warehouse Locations Groups

Another method is to use the groups option to combine multiple operational warehouse locations into less for charging purposes.