There may be some cases where you need to zero out charges on an order and have $0 charges against it.

Steps to zero out charges against an order

The charges you will need to zero out on the order include:

  1. Item Charge (not for Consignments) 
  2. Adhoc Charge 
  3. Charges

To zero out the charges:

  • Navigate to the order you need to zero out charges on. 
  • Select the Charges tab. 
  • Zero out any charges for the Item Charge Data and select Save. Repeat this process for the Adhoc Charge Data table. 

  • Scroll down to the Charges table and select Automatically Calculate Income Charges.

  • Click on the individual charge.

  • Click the red Delete button. 

  • Repeat this process for all charges.
  • Click Mark Charges Finalized. This will add the order to the Invoice with no charges against the order.