To remove or override charges on an individual Sale Order, Purchase Order or Consignment. 


  • Enables flexibility if prices or charging methods change for that particular item.

Use Cases

  • If you offer your Customer a discounted rate for a particular job and do not wish to use the standard rate card charges.
  • If unforeseen circumstances arise, such as late delivery and you need to reduce the customer's price for that particular job. 


The below steps apply to charges on a:

  • Sale Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Consignment 

How to remove/override charges 

For the below steps, a Sale Order will be utilised as an example; however, these steps can also apply to Purchase Orders and Consignments. 

  • Navigate to the Sale Orders page, Warehouse>Sale Orders
  • Select the relevant Sale Order. 
  • Select the Charges tab.

  • Scroll down to the Charges box. 

  • Charges with the Automatic column ticked are from the Rate Card associated with the Customer. If this column is not ticked, it means the charges were added manually. 

To remove a charge:

  • Select the charge you wish to remove. 
  • Click the red Delete button. 

To override a charge: 

  • Select +Add Income Charges

  • Select the Charge Subclass, Description and Income amount for the new charge. 
For information on Charge Subclasses and how to create them please see the Charge Subclasses (Fee Category) page. 
  • Select the charges you wish to override by ticking the box in the Select column. 

  • Click Save
  • Select the Mark Charges Finalized button. 

If you do need to change the charges again, you will have the option to select the Mark Charges Unfinalized button.