To check the history of an individual charge on a Consignment, Manifest, Run Sheet, Sale Order, or Purchase Order. 


  • Provides visibility to any changes that have occurred on the charge and when the charge was created.
  • Charge history is useful if the customer has raised an invoice inquiry and you need to investigate the timeline/details of the charge. 


Charge history is available for any type of charge that is applied an individual:

  • Consignment 
  • Manifest 
  • Run Sheet
  • Sale Order 
  • Purchase Order 

How to check the charge history for an individual charge 

In the steps below, a Sale Order will be utilised as an example, however, these steps can be applied to any of the mentioned scope items above. 
  • Navigate to the relevant page (either Consignment, Manifest, Run Sheet, Sale Order or Purchase Order) by typing in the page name to the Search for anything bar. 
  • Select the relevant Sale Order and then select the Charges tab. 

  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and select the relevant charge you wish to check the history of. 
Note, you can only view the charge history for one individual charge at a time. In other words, you can not view all charges and their history for a particular Sale Order at the same time. 

  • Select the History tab. 
Note, if you wish to edit the charge select the edit button at the bottom of the screen. If you edit the charge this modification will be reflected in the charge history. 

  • The History page will show all associated history for that charge including when it was created, when modifications were made and the user who made them. 

If you are making a modification to the charge you can add a comment to the history detailing why the change was made and what the change was. To do so, select the Add history button at the bottom of the page.