When you pick a Sales Order or put away a Purchase Order, CartonCloud will automatically calculate what it thinks was handled. For example, if you were told to pick 50 Cartons of Cherries, and the product has been loaded such that 50 Cartons = 1 Pallet, CartonCloud will automatically detect that you've performed a pallet pick and charge handling accordingly.

There are situations, however, where it's much harder to figure out what was really done.
For example, you have a pallet that contains 50 boxes of Cherries, and you're told to pick 35 cartons. You could either pick 35 cartons off the pallet onto a new pallet (and charge for handling 35 cartons), or you might choose to shift the whole pallet, and then off-load 15 cartons back into the location (and charge for handling 1 pallet + 15 cartons).

For this reason, you're able to manually specify the number of Cartons, Pallets (or any other measurements) handled from within the Sale Order, and this then updates the charging.

To make the change to 1 Pallet and 15 Cartons simply change the quantities:

Why can't I change the Unit Price?

The Unit Price shows, but cannot be modified because this would break the presentation of the Invoice Summary, in which a table is built that contains both the default prices and the total quantities picked within the period:

If you do need to change the price, go into the Customer Charges and make changes to the handling fees there, then simply click the Reset button and the default rates will be reloaded from the Customer's Rate Card.