CartonCloud allows you to manually charge jobs at an individual item level by utilising Income Charges. Income Charges can be applied to Consignments, Manifests, Purchase Orders, Sale Orders, Storage Periods, and Run Sheets. 

It is advised that you only use this charging method when the charge is unique and it is not a charge that will be applied consistently. Repeated charges should be applied using either Adhoc Charges or the Customer's Rate Card.

Income Charges are completely customisable. This means you can choose the value that is applied for the charge (each time you add the charge) and you can create your own Charge Subclasses (Fee Category or name that will show against the charge on the Customer's Invoice). See Charge Subclasses (Fee Category) for information on how to create a Charge Subclass. 


  • Allows for one-off charging. 
  • The charge is highly customisable (can change the charge name and value).
  • Can apply the charge to an individual item. 

Usecase Example - Consignment Income Charge ('Quote' Charge Subclass)

If you have quoted a movement for a customer, that is either a one-off movement or you are yet to sell them a contracted set of rates, you can add an Income Charge with a Charge Subclass called Quote (you will first need to create a Charge Subclass called 'Quote').

This will allow you to apply the quoted price to the individual Consignment without having to set up a Rate Card that will later change or not be applicable.

In addition, it will be evident on the Customer's invoice that the quoted price was used for the movement. 

How to add an Income Charge

The below process is applicable for Consignments, Manifests, Purchase Orders, Sale Orders, and Storage Periods.

To apply Income Charges to a Run Sheet you must first associate an Invoice Customer to the Run Sheet. See Run Sheet Specific Steps at the bottom of the article for more information.

To add an Income Charge (Sale Orders will be utilised as the example in the below steps): 

  • Navigate to the Sale Orders page by typing Sale Orders into the Search for anything bar at the top of the application. 
  • Select the Sale Order you wish to apply the charge to.
  • Within the Sale Order select the Charges tab. 

  • Scroll to the bottom and within the Charges box, select +Add Income Charge.

If you do not wish to create a Charge Subclass or it is not necessary for the charge you are adding, you can use the default option, Misc, and use the description section to add more information relating to what the charge relates to. 
  • Write a description if necessary. 
  • Add the value you wish to charge in the Income text box. 
  • Select Save

  • If you are only applying an Income Charge to the item, you will need to finalise the charge. To do so, select the box next to Finalize Charges

Run Sheet Specific Steps 

To add Income Charges to a Run Sheet you first need to associate an Invoice Customer to the Run Sheet. This allows CartonCloud to apply the Income Charges to the correct Customer. 

It is recommended you only apply an Income Charge to a Run Sheet if it is a customer-specific Run Sheet. 

To add an Income Customer to the Run Sheet:

  • Navigate to the Run Sheets page by typing Run Sheets into the Search for anything bar. 
  • Select the Run Sheet you wish to apply the Income Charge to/associate an Invoice Customer with. 
  • Within the Run Sheet select the Charges tab. 

  • If no Invoice Customer is assigned to the Run Sheet you will see an edit link. Select the edit link. If there is already a Customer associated and you wish to change this, select the Customer's name to edit. 
  • Select the Customer you wish to associate to the Run Sheet from the Customer (for invoicing only) drop-down menu. 

  • Select Save.
  • You will now be able to add Income Charges to the Run Sheet the same way specified in the steps above

Removing Existing Charges

You can remove existing charges against the item, either from within the individual charge or when you select Automatically Calculate Income Charges. 

If charges are finalised, you will not be able to remove charges. Charges must be marked as Unfinalised.  

When selecting Automatically Calculate Income Charges:

  • Select Automatically Calculate Income Charges

  • Select the charges you would like to remove.
  • Select Save

When selecting the individual charge:

  • Select the charge you wish to delete. 
  • Select the red Delete button.