This video shows how you can access your Invoices to download a copy, view the detailed breakdown of charges and access all the POD's relating to an Invoice in one simple download. 

To access your Invoices within CartonCloud, log in with your User Name and Password as you normally would and click on More in the main menu, then select Invoices from the drop-down menu.

Next, use the filters to find the Invoice you are searching for, or select the Invoice from the most current list, by clicking on that invoices line (as below).

Summary Invoices

To download a copy of the Invoice Summary, click the Download PDF button at the bottom of the screen, and the document will download immediately (as below).

This invoice will show the summary of charges for this invoice. If you wish to view the details of the charges related to consignments and warehouse related activities see "Detailed Invoice Spreadsheets" below.

Detailed Invoice Summary

CartonCloud automatically creates a detailed summary for each Invoice as a spreadsheet, with tabs for Warehouse Summary, then detailed tabs for Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Storage, and then Transport Summary with a detailed tab for Consignments and Manifests. 

To download the Invoice spreadsheet, Click the Download Summary button on the Invoice Details page.

An alternative to downloading the detailed spreadsheet is to navigate through the tabs on the Invoice to view the individual Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Consignments, Manifests and Storage Periods.

Download Bulk POD's

To download all the POD's received for that invoice, there is a two-step process.

The first is to request the POD's, and then CartonCloud will process the request, storing all the POD's in a folder and then "zipping" (or compressing) the files to make the download a smaller file.

Then notifying you that the POD zip file is ready to download. 

To request the POD's, click the Download POD button on the Invoice Details tab (as below).

You will notice a message in the Notification Centre advising that your request is being processed.

When CartonCloud has finished processing your request the Notification Centre will again alert you with a message advising that the Export is complete. Click the Notification Centre and then click Download Here.