To create a Wave Pick for a single Customer. 

Alternatively, you can create a Wave Pick by the Run Sheet. See Creating a Wave Pick for a Run Sheet for more information. 

To create a Wave Pick, the Sale Orders you wish to use in the Wave Pick must be in "Awaiting Pick and Pack" Status.

How to create a Wave Pick for a single Customer

  • Navigate to the Wave Picks page by selecting Warehouse>Wave Picks
  • Select the green +Add Wave Pick button from the top left corner.

  • Select Customer from the Wave Pick Type drop-down menu. 

  • Select the Customer you wish to create the Wave Pick for from the Customers with Wave-Pick Capable Sale Orders drop-down menu. 

Note, for a Customer to appear in this drop-down option, they will need to have Sale Orders that are in the 'Awaiting Pick and Pack' status. 
  • Select the Wave Pick Process Type from the Wave Pick Process Type drop-down menu. 
See Wave Pick Process Types for more information regarding the different Process Types and which will be best for your operations. 
  • If you wish to change the auto-generated name, then you can do so in the Wave Pick Name field. 

  • From the Urgent field select All, Urgent Only and Non-Urgent Only if you want to only add urgent or not urgent orders to the Wave Pick. 
  • Select the Sale Orders you wish to include in the Wave Pick by ticking the Select box in the far left column. 
  • Once all relevant orders are selected, click Begin Wave Pick

Note, when Sale Orders are added to a Wave Pick, their status is automatically updated to 'Packing in Progress'

How to complete a Wave Pick 

Once you have created the Wave, Pick you then have two options for completing the Wave Pick. You can either complete the Wave Pick;

  • On the mobile app
  • On the web app
  • On the web app using paper 

Completing the Wave Pick on the mobile app 

For instructions on completing the wave pick through the mobile app, see Scan Wave Picking.

Completing the Wave Pick on the web app

When completing the Wave Pick on the web app, you can either pick per-product or per-order

Picking Per-Product on the Web App

  • Select View Pick Sheet next to each product.

  • Pick the required quantities. As the stock is picked, enter the quantity and select the Completed box. 
  • Select the green Complete Picking button. 

  • The Product Status will inform you if the picking has been completed or not. 

Picking Per-Order on the Web App

  • Select the blue Pack Sale Order button next to each Sale Order.

  • Picking per order uses the same interface as regular, non-wave picking.
  • Enter the PACKED QTY.
  • Select the green Finished Packing button. 

  • You will be directed to the Sale Order/Consignment Screen. To go back to the Wave Pick from the Sale Order, select Go Back to Wave Pick

Completing a Wave Pick on the Web App

  • Once all products/orders have been picked, select the green Complete Wave Pick button on the bottom of the screen. 

  • This will update the status of all orders to 'Pack' and delete the Wave Pick. 

To complete a Wave Pick using paper 

  • Select the blue Print/Export button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Export Bulk Pick List


  • Open the downloaded XSL file (example of the file below). 

  • Complete picks using the paper to mark off products as they are picked. 
  • To complete the packing process, select the blue Print/Export button at the bottom of the screen and click Export Individual Pack Lists.

Even if using paper to complete the Wave Pick, you will need to complete the Wave Pick on the web app. See Completing the Wave Pick on the web app for more information.