What is Wave Picking?

Wave Picking is a way of picking multiple Sale Orders simultaneously. Wave Picking can increase picking efficiency or allocate specific Sale Orders for picking to particular staff members. 

How to create and complete a Wave Pick

Wave picking can be completed using the web app, the web app and paper or the mobile app.

It is recommended that you create the Wave Picks using the web app and then complete the picks using the CartonCloud mobile app. 

See Scan Wave Picking for instructions on how to run a Wave Pick on the mobile application. 

When you create the Wave Pick on the web app, you will need to select a Wave Pick Type and a Wave Pick Process Type. This will dictate how the Wave Pick is configured and run. 

Wave Pick Type

There are two ways in which you can create a Wave Pick, either by the Customer or for a selected Run Sheet. Selecting the Wave Pick type is the first step when creating a Wave Pick. Use the below links for detailed instructions on creating a Wave Pick for each Wave Pick type. 

Creating a Wave Pick for a single Customer

Creating a Wave Pick for a Run Sheet

Wave Pick Process Type

There are three different workflows a Wave Pick can follow. Therefore, you must select the correct Wave Pick process type for your operation. 

Wave Pick Process TypePicking ProcessPacking ProcessDescription Example Workflow
Bulk PickYesNo, when stock is marked as picked, it is automatically marked as packed.

When using Bulk Pick, you will be picking orders simultaneously by the product rather than order-by-order. This is especially useful if there are limited pick face locations to pick from and forklifts are required to pick the products. When using this workflow, the picking and packing processes are combined into one. Once the orders are picked, the orders will move out of the Warehouse. 

The Bulk Pick process type is a specialised use case of wave picking, which you should only use in very specific scenarios. If you are interested in using this form of wave picking, we highly suggest contacting our support team to check if it is right for your operation.

Split Pick and PackYesYes

Split Pick and Pack pick orders by the product, not order-by-order.

The packing and picking process is separated. Once picking is completed, the user will be prompted to pack each Sale Order individually; however, this will not necessarily be the same user. In some cases, the pick and pack process may be split, in which case the packer will take over the wave pick once the picking is complete. This is useful when picking and packing occur at two different locations in the warehouse or completed by a different user. 

Combination NoYes

Combination Wave Pick allows multiple Sale Orders to be grouped for either a specific Customer or Run Sheet. This is the same way a Sale Order is normally picked and packed; however, it provides a way for orders to be grouped and then assigned to pickers. The Wave Pick can be assigned to the picker by naming the Wave Pick by the pickers name. 

Wave Pick Settings

You can configure several Wave Picking settings at both the Organisation and Customer levels. 

Organisation Settings

How to access Wave Pick Organisation Settings:

  • In the Main menu of CartonCloud, select More > Organisation Settings > Features and Options tab.
  • Scroll down to the Picking Configuration section
  • All Organisation level Wave Pick settings can be found and updated here
  • Don't forget to select Save at the bottom of the page if you make changes.

The settings that can be configured at the Organisation Settings:

Default Wave Picking TabSets which tab is displayed initially when viewing a Wave Pick. This can either be the Products or Sale Orders tab. Regardless of your selection, you will be able to switch between the two views. 
Default Wave Pick Process Type

Sets the default Wave Pick process type used when adding a new Wave Pick.  

The default value for the Customer Setting is to "Use Organisation Setting". Therefore, if you wish to set the default process type for all of your customers, you can change this Organisation Setting, and it will be applied to all Customers. However, if you have specific customer requirements, you will need to change the Wave Pick Process Type at the Customer Settings.  

Allow Forceful Completion of Run Sheet Type Wave Picks Sets whether or not users can forcefully complete Run Sheet type Wave Picks. This is only controlled at the Organisation Settings level as Run Sheets can contain multiple Customers. See How to forcefully mark orders picked and packed for more information. 
The format of labels printed for Consignments from a Run Sheet type Wave PickSets what format the PDF generated for labels will be done from a Run Sheet type Wave Pick. 
Print One Label per Sale Order ProductSets whether or not to print one label for each Sale Order Product when in a Wave Pick instead of calculating measures and printing the appropriate number of labels. 

Customer Settings

How to access Wave Pick Customer Settings:

  • In the main menu of CartonCloud, select Contacts > Customers
  • On the View, Customer page, select the Edit bottom towards the bottom left of the page
  • Navigate to the Warehouse Management tab > then Wave Picks subtab.
  • All Customer level Wave Pick settings can be found and updated here
  • Don't forget to select Save at the bottom of the page if you make changes.

The settings that can be configured at the Organisation Settings:

Allow Wave Pick Sale Orders and Sale Order Products to be forcefully completedThis setting will allow Sale Orders, Sale Order Products, and the Wave Picks they are a part of to be completed without individually checking off the products. 
Disable Quantity Confirmation On Pick SheetThis setting will allow Products in the Product Pick Screen of a Wave Pick to be completed without entering a quantity. Enabling this option removes the quantity input on the Pick Screen. See Quantity Confirmation Options for more information. 
Default Wave Pick Process TypeThis setting determines the default Wave Pick Type for the Customer. If you have configured a default Pick Type at the Organisation Settings, this will automatically apply to every Customer unless you change this setting.

How to forcefully mark orders picked and packed:

Once the above settings have been enabled (for either a run sheet or customer, depending on your requirement), a new button will appear on the View Wave Pick page.

To forcefully complete the picking of select Products, select which products you would like to mark as picked.

Then select the Mark Picked button for a new box to appear.

To confirm those products as picked, select the option Selected Sale Order Products, then click Mark Selected as Picked.

Otherwise, mark the entire Wave Pick as picked by selecting Whole Wave Pick in the above box.

Once all Products are marked as Picking Completed, it is possible to move on to the Packing process (provided the Wave pick is a split pick and process type).

The packing process can either be forcefully completed as well by following the steps below or completed by marking off products either on the web app or mobile app.

Forcefully Completing the Packing stage

Forcefully completing the packing process of a Sale order is much the same as forcefully completing picking.

To do this, select the Sale Order you wish to mark as packed, and then select Mark Packed for a new box to appear.

A new box will appear, allowing you to either mark the select Sale Orders as packed, or mark the entire Wave pick as packed.

Select Mark Selected as Packed to confirm.

Quantity Confirmation Options

With the option disabled:

With the option enabled: