Please note, Replenishment is a paid Add-On to your CartonCloud account. To request more information on how to access Replenishment, please click here.


Before you run a Replenishment in your warehouse, you need to first fulfil the below prerequisites. 

Best Practices 

Once you have completed the above steps, you are ready to run a Replenishment. It is recommended you follow the below best practices for running a Replenishment. 

Best practices for running a Replenishment 

  • Do not process Sale Orders and Purchase Orders for the applicable Customers whilst conducting a Replenishment. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you use a Mobile device (either a Mobile Phone (iOS or Android) or a Mobile Computer) and Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart to complete the Replenishment moves. 
  • It is recommended that you utilise a barcode scanner to maximise the benefits and functionality of the Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart. 
  • If you have a tablet or iPad, it is recommended you use the web application on the device in conjunction with Scan Move on your mobile device to complete the moves. You can mark off the moves on the web application as they are completed. If you do not have an iPad or tablet, then you can print the report and carry this with you through the warehouse as you conduct the moves. 

Steps to run a Replenishment

1. Open/Download the Replenishment Report

  • Navigate to the Replenishments page by typing Replenishments into the Search for anything bar.
  • Select the Replenishment you wish to run. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Start button in the bottom right corner.
Note, once you have selected Start, you still can Reset the Replenishment and return to the previous page to make any changes as required. The Start button can also be used as a preview button to show you what the Replenishment will look like with the option to edit it still.
  • If you select Save, the Replenishment will save in the Replenishment view screen until you decide to edit it again. If you select Cancel, any changes made will be lost. 

  • You will now see the Replenishment Report with the list of moves required to replenish the pick face locations. 
  • You can filter the moves by warehouse location (where stock is coming from) and pick face locations (where the stock is going to).
  • If you use a tablet or iPad with the web application, you can use the Done? and Issue? tick boxes to mark off each move as it is completed. 

  • If you do not have a tablet or iPad and will be using a printed version of the report, select the green Print button.

Printable Replenishment Report:

2. Use Scan Move (Move Cart) and the Replenishment Report to replenish pick face locations

  • Using either the printed Replenishment Report or a tablet/iPad and your mobile device, complete the Replenishment moves as directed by the report.
You will need to use the Move Cart on your mobile device to complete the moves. See Scan Move Move Cart for instructions on how to use the Move Cart.
  • As you complete each move, mark it on your report, or if you are using the web application (through a tablet device), you can use the Issue? and Done? tick boxes. 

3. Complete the Replenishment on the web application 

Once you have completed the physical movement of the Replenishment moves, you can mark the Replenishment as complete in CartonCloud. 

To mark the Replenishment as complete in CarrtonCloud:

  • Select the Finish Replenishment button. 

  • A pop-out window will appear asking you to confirm the move. Select Complete.  


If there is not enough stock to replenish the pick face locations with, you will have Variances. The Variances will show the quantity of stock that is not available but needed to replenish the pick face location. 

To view the Variances for the Replenishment, click the blue Variances button. The number of variances for the Replenishment will appear in the white circle next to the Replenishment button. 

If stock selection criteria are used, this may limit what the replenishment can show on the report and then cause a variance. There is a warning that displays if these settings have been used when creating the replenishment.

How to reset a Replenishment 

If at any time whilst completing the Replenishment you wish to reset the status to In Progress, you can select the Reset button at the top of the page. This will allow you to edit the Replenishment. 

Sale Order Stock Selection Optimisation 

Once the Replenishment is complete and the applicable stock is in pick face locations, CartonCloud will re-optimise the sale order stock selection. This means that it will ensure all relevant Sale Orders (ones with stock that use pick face locations) are assigned stock from pick face locations. This helps to ensure that pickers are picking from the pick face locations when picking and packing orders.