Please note, Replenishment is a paid Add-On to your CartonCloud account. To request more information on how to access Replenishment, please click here.


Replenishment is the process of moving stock, typically in bulk or larger quantities, to pick face locations that they have been depleted from.

CartonCloud can generate a report highlighting the pick face locations that need to be replenished and the warehouse stock movements required to fulfil these pick face locations. 

What is Replenishment

Benefits of using Replenishment:

  • Help to ensure efficient pick and pack operations in the warehouse.
  • It is beneficial for operations where small orders are common. 
  • It helps to reduce costs in the picking process. 
  • It helps to ensure all resources are maximised (warehouse space, stock and time).

Best practices for using Replenishment:

  • It is strongly recommended that you use a Mobile device (either a Mobile Phone (iOS or Android) or a Mobile Computer) and Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart to complete the Replenishment moves. 
  • Do not process Sale Orders and Purchase Orders for the applicable Customers whilst conducting a Replenishment. 
  • It is recommended that you utilise a barcode scanner to maximise the benefits and functionality of the Scan Move 2.0 Move Cart. 
  • If you have a tablet or iPad, you should use the web application on the device in conjunction with Scan Move Move Cart on your mobile device to complete the moves. You can mark off the moves on the web application as they are completed. If you do not have an iPad or tablet, you can print the report and carry this with you through the warehouse as you conduct the moves. 

Considerations when using Replenishment:

  • Replenishment uses the same stock selection for moving stock to pick faces that Sale Orders use to select stock. Therefore, the same settings will influence the results.
  • Replenishment requires stock to have a warehouse location allocated to be selected in the move process.
  • With Replenishment turned on, CartonCloud will utilise stock in pick face locations first when fulfilling new orders.
  • When setting up Replenishment from both the Organisation Settings and Product level, you can use the system default settings. This means once you have activated Replenishment and selected the report logic, you can leave the rest of the settings blank. This is useful if you do not have enough time to set up Replenishment with all of the settings customised or if you wish to customise the Replenishment post running one.

The process flow you will need to follow when using Replenishment:

  1. Set up Replenishment   
    1. Configure Replenishment from the Organisation Settings (you will only need to complete this step once). 
    2. Create Pick Face Warehouse Locations (you will only need to complete this step once).
    3. Enable Replenishment from the Product level. 
  2. Create a Replenishment (you can save Replenishment settings, making it easy to duplicate recurring Replenishments)
  3. Run a Replenishment 
    1. Open/Download the Replenishment Report.
    2. Use Scan Move (Move Cart) and the Replenishment Report to replenish pick face locations.
    3. Complete the Replenishment on the web application.

Introducing Replenishment