To create a Purchase Order navigate to the Purchase Order page by selecting Warehouse in the main menu, then selecting Purchase Order in the drop-down box. 

Once there, select +Add New Purchase Order.

On the Add a New Purchase Order page, choose the Customer you wish to bring stock into the warehouse for.

Then select what status you would like to create the Purchase Order as, the arrival date of the stock, the customer's reference for the shipment and any relevant special instructions.

Finally, click Save to create the Purchase Order.

You will now arrive on the View Purchase Order page where the remaining details of the Purchase Order can be added.

Specifically, you will need to add Products to the order, check the charges are correct (and what you expect) and if required upload an invoice to be stored against the order using the Upload Invoice button.

Adding Products to the Purchase Order

To add Products to the Purchase order, select the Products tab.

Then select, Add Product.

Complete the form provided by selecting the details of the stock you are entering into the warehouse.

Once completed, select Save or if you have other Products to add, select Save and Add Another.

The product's stock record will now be viewable on the Products tab as shown below.

Once all Purchase Order's details are completed, you can then step through the status updates such as Draft → Approved → Received → Verified & Allocated at the appropriate stages of the stock's physical movement.

It's important to know that a Purchase Order's status can be rolled back, however, there are some implications with doing so. They can also be deleted entirely, and this is covered in Deleting a Purchase Order.

For further assistance see the View Purchase Order page article.