What is a Purchase Order

For a stock to come into your Warehouse a Purchase Order must be created.

How to create a Purchase Order 

The below pages outline how to create a Purchase Order and how to navigate the Purchase Order page within CartonCloud.

Purchase Order Process Flow in CartonCloud 

The below process flow outlines the different statuses a Purchase Order moves through in CartonCloud. 

  • Draft: The Purchase Order has been created but not yet approved. This status is only applicable for orders that have been manually added to CartonCloud. To progress to the next status of Not yet Received the Purchase Order must be approved and this can be done manually within the Purchase Order. 
  • Not yet received: The Purchase Order has been approved but is yet to arrive at the Warehouse. 
  • Received: The Purchase Order has arrived at the Warehouse, but has not yet been put away to a Warehouse Location or checked off. To move to the next status of Verified you must click Verify Purchase Order Products.
  • Verified: The Purchase Order quantity and warehouse location has been verified. 
  • Allocated: The Purchase Order is now at its assigned warehouse location and storage will begin on the Purchase Order. 
For more information on the Purchase Order Process, please see the Purchase Order Procedures page.