What is a Product 

Products in CartonCloud are not the stock itself but rather the SKU or Product Master. In other words, a Product is a template that stores information, characteristics and rules associated with a particular item in your warehouse. 

  • Products are Customer-specific. Each of your Customers will have a number of Products that are only applicable to that particular Customer. Ensure you have created a Customer before creating Products. 
  • Products are highly customisable, so depending on someone's operation and a Customer's requirements, they can be set up differently. How they are set up drives much of the logic within CartonCloud surrounding Warehouse Allocation, Stock Picking, Pricing and Consignment allocation.
  • Once Products have created, Purchase Orders are used to bring the stock of Products into the system. This stock recorded against a Purchase Order is what we call Purchase Order Products. Similarly, Sale Orders are then used to record movements of Purchase Order Products leaving the Warehouse.

How to add a Product 

To add a Product follow the steps here

Product Settings

When creating a Product there are a number of different settings you will need to configure. You can edit these settings at any time and can do so in bulk by exporting/importing the products. Please click here for more information on Product Settings and here for information on how to edit Product Settings in bulk. 

Product Types

Product types can be used to split your Products into different categories and then charge differently for storing or transporting a particular product type. They can also be used to restrict storing certain product types to certain warehouse locations. Some examples of common product types are General, Chilled, Dangerous Goods, Fragile; however, what you name a product type is completely up to you. Please click here for more information. 

Product Statuses 

Product Statuses are used to label stock as Damaged, Missing, Lost, Quarantine etc. Please click here for more information on Product Statuses. 

Products Unit of Measure 

In CartonCloud, all products are measured in a particular Unit Of Measure. Please click here for more information.