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In CartonCloud it's possible to store the details of Consignment items which you move regularly. For some, this might be an oversized pallet, for others, it might be a tyre or even an IBC. 

To do this we create what we call Transport Products. These Transport Products allow you to set a preconfigured Description and Code for a Consignment Item. Optionally, it also allows you to predefine the Length, Width and Height.

Once a Transport Product is created you are then able to two do things:

  • Book Consignments much faster by using Transport Products within Consignment items to reduce repetitive data entry
  • Define Rates in your Rate Cards based on specific Transport Products. For example, the cost to send a tyre from Brisbane to Sydney or send a Solar Panel from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Transport Products are also one way to set up charges for Transport Hourly Hire. For steps on how to do this see the article How to charge for Transport Hourly Hire.

Transport Products Video Overview

How to create a Transport Product

Begin by navigating to the Transport Products page by selecting Transport in the main menu, followed by Transport Products in the drop-down menu.

You will see we have already configured some Transport Products to demonstrate examples. One thing to pay attention to is how Cartons and Pallets have been set up as Transport Products, but no dimensions have been entered. This is because these items will usually come in varied shapes and sizes. But by setting them as Transport Products, CartonCloud allows us to set up Per Carton or Per Pallet rates that are applied when selecting these Codes at the time of booking a Consignment. 

On the contrary, we have entered dimensions for a Medium Tyre and IBC as these are items which are usually a fixed size on every Consignment. Now that these dimensions are entered we will no longer need to manually enter them when creating bookings.

To create your own Transport Product, select +Add Product. Then complete the fields as required.

If dimensions are provided to the system such as the example above an extra field will display regarding what field to base the cubic multiplier on (so when you are booking a consignment, whether to calculate the cubic for that item based on the user entering a number in the quantity field or in the pallet field.

Once completed, select Save and the Transport Product will be created.

How to charge for a Transport Product (Consignment Item)

Transport Products can be used to create set rates within your Customers Rate Cards for moving a specific Transport Product from one Rate Zone to another.

How to setup charges for Transport Products is covered in the Setting up Transport Rates article of the setup guide with further per page support available on the View Rate Card article.