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Transport Products allow you to set preconfigured descriptions and codes for a Consignment Item. You can also optionally add the predefined length, width and height.


Once a Transport Product is created, you are then able to two do things:

  • Book Consignments much faster by using Transport Products within Consignment items to reduce repetitive data entry
  • Define Rates in your Rate Cards based on specific Transport Products. For example, sending a tyre from Brisbane to Sydney or sending a Solar Panel from Melbourne to Adelaide.

Transport Products Video Overview

How to create a Transport Product

  • Navigate to the Transport Products page, Transport> Transport Products
  • Select the green +Add Product in the top left corner.

  • Complete the required fields. 

  • Select the green Save button. 
The unit of measure the dimensions are displayed in can be configured in the Organisation Settings. For more information please see Changing the unit of measure in your tenancy

Transport Product Status (Active and Inactive)

When creating a Transport Product, you can choose the status of either Active or Inactive.

If a Transport Product is Inactive, it will not be listed as an option in the Consignment item code dropdown on the Consignment. 

If a Parser is imported with an inactive Transport Product, the order will be rejected, and the error message will advise that the item code is not valid. If a Sale Order Unit of Measure is mapped to a Transport product, then the Transport Product will not be able to be set to Inactive. 

To change the status of a Transport Product from the list page view:

  • Use the check box on the side of the product.
  • Select the blue Update Status button.
  • Select Deactivate

To change the status of a Transport Product from the edit Transport Product view:

  • Select the Transport Product you wish to edit. 
  • Slide the Active/Inactive toggle.
  • Select Save

How to charge for a Transport Product (Consignment Item)

Transport Products can create set rates within your Customers Rate Cards for moving a specific Transport Product from one Rate Zone to another.

How to set up charges for Transport Products is covered in the Setting up Transport Rates article of the setup guide, with further per page support available on the View Rate Card article.

Transport Products List View

You can sort and filter the list from the Transport Products list view and configure how the Transport Products appear in the view. 

You can use the simple sort, advanced sort and advanced filter functionality to organise your Transport Products as you see fit. 

See Advanced sorting and filtering for more information on how to use the filter and sort functionality. 

Example Advanced Sort: sorting by Transport Products that do not have specified dimensions 

Example Advanced Filter - filter for all active Transport Products 

Export/Import Transport Products

To update and create Transport Products in bulk you can export and then import them into CartonCloud. 

To do so:

  • Select the Transport Products you wish to export using the tick-box on the far left.
  • Select the three-dot circle in the top right corner. 
  • Select Export

  • Edit the excel file and then save the file. 
Note, if you are creating a new Transport Product, ensure you keep column A (the id column) empty. 
  • Select the three-dot circle in the top right corner. 
  • Select Import
  • Select the file to upload. 
  • Select Import. 
  • You will then be notified of when the import is complete and be able to view your results.