Run Sheets are utilised to allocate consignments to a driver. The Run Sheet contains all of the consignments going with a single driver for that day. For example, deliveries for a single day on the Delivery Run "Gold Coast" might be split up across multiple Run Sheets (East, North, West), as each Run sheet is allocated to a different driver. 

For more information on allocating consignments to drivers see the Allocating Consignments to Drivers section of the setup guide.

To customise the Run Sheet for either an individual Customer or all your Customers please see Document Templates and Document Template Placeholders

Creating Run Sheets 

There are multiple ways in which Run Sheets can be created. The method you utilise will depend on how you allocate consignments within CartonCloud.

You can create Run Sheets from within the Run Sheets or Consignments page. It is recommended that you create your Run Sheets within the consignments page whilst allocating your Consignments, this is the most logical and time-efficient method. If you have a large number of Consignments and/or Delivery Runs you may wish to use the Bulk Allocation function. 

If you would prefer to have the Run Sheet created before you start allocating consignments, then you can do this from within the Run Sheets page.  

Creating Run Sheets whilst allocating consignments (from the consignments page)

  • Once on the consignments page, select the consignments you wish to allocate (do so by selecting the tick box next to the relevant consignment). 
  • Select Move from the top bar. 
  • You will now have two options. You can either assign the consignment to an existing Run Sheet or create a new one. 

  • The date that you have selected will dictate what existing Run Sheets you have to choose from.
  • If you wish to create a new Run Sheet, fill the applicable fields in the 'Create New Runsheet' window.
  • If you would like to allocate the consignment to an existing Run Sheet, click the title of the existing Run Sheet in the 'Existing Run Sheets' window.
  • Select Save in the pop-out window. 

Creating Run Sheets from the Run Sheets page 

Once on the Run Sheets page, select Add in the top left corner.

Fill in the following fields:


Delivery Run EastThis field is optional and if provided all consignments allocated to the Run Sheet will have their Delivery Run overwritten with this value. This is useful when working with Onforwarder Addresses.
CarrierYour Tenancy NameAllows you to assign which carrier will complete the Run Sheets. For your own drivers, the carrier would be your own tenancy name.
NameEast - AM RunA name given to the run, normally to describe what it is for.
Date2017-02-5The date the run is taking place.
DriverDouglas AdamsThe name of the driver performing the run. 

This field is optional and if utilised will assign a vehicle to the run. It can only be selected if Vehicles are enabled.

ID10201This field is automatically assigned and is an incrementing ID for the Run Sheet. Does not require user input.

Downloading the Run Sheet 

CartonCloud allows you to have your Runsheets automatically emailed to your Drivers, saving you time and reducing errors. For information on how to email Runsheets to your Drivers see - How to email a Runsheet to a Driver

To download the Run Sheet:

From the Run Sheets page:

  • Navigate to the Run Sheets page, Transport>Run Sheets
  • Use the select column to tick the relevant Run Sheets.

  • Click Export.
  • Select a download option from the Export drop-down menu. 

From the View Run Sheet page:

  • Navigate to the Run Sheets page, Transport>Run Sheets
  • Within the Details tab and Export field, select Export Run Sheet

Run Sheets List Configuration 

The Run Sheets List view can be configured and customised by adding and removing columns as required. This is useful if you wish to view completed and incompleted Run Sheets in the same view. 

The data column options include the different consignment item variables (e.g pallets, cubic (m3), quantity, etc.). For each variable, you can select the total, the number of completed (delivered), and/or the number of incompleted (not delivered) of that certain variable.

The data columns you select will apply to the Filter, All, and Ready to Build tabs within the Run Sheets list view. 

To configure the Run Sheets list;

  • Select the configuration cog icon in the top right corner.

  • A pop-out window will appear. From here you will be able to choose the data columns to be visible on the Run Sheets List view.
  • To add a data column, click the tick box next to the relevant data. 

  • To remove the data column, un-select the tick box.
  • To view completed and non-completed Run Sheets, select the 'Complete' data column. You can also include the '#Incomplete Consignments' and '#Complete Consignments' data columns to track the number of consignments that have been delivered and the number left to be delivered.
  • Select Save at the bottom of the window once all relevant data columns have been selected. 

Sorting Consignments within a Run Sheet (in map view)

Within the Run Sheets page, you have the ability to re-order consignments on a Run Sheet through the map view. 

To view a Run Sheet and re-order consignments through the map view;

  • Select the Run Sheet you wish to view by ticking the tick box in the 'Select' column.
  • Select Sort Run Sheets from the top bar above the column headings.

  • You will then be directed to the map view where you will see all consignments (for that Run Sheet) locations on a map. 

  • To re-order the consignments on the Run Sheet, click the consignment name until a red box appears around it. Grab and hold the consignment and drag to re-order. 

  • Select Save Consignment Order at the bottom of the screen. 

View Run Sheet page

For information on how to use the View Run Sheet page click here