Map View allows you to see the location and status of Consignments and Drivers for any given date.

On this page, you can click on Consignment Markers to get more information or on Drivers to check how they're proceeding with deliveries.

How to access the Map View

  • Select Transport>Map View.

Features of the Map View

Consignment marker

The dot on the map is the Consignment. You can click this for more information. This dot will be larger depending on the number of deliveries going to that location. 

If the dot is red, it means it hasn't been delivered; if it is green, it has been delivered. 


You will see all your drivers (if they have deliveries for the selected date), the number of Consignments they have delivered, and the number of pending deliveries. The number of Consignments will turn green once all Consignments allocated to that driver have been delivered. 

Driver's location 

If your driver has their location turned on and is clicked on, you will see their location on the map.