This document explains how CartonCloud automatically selects a Delivery Run for a specific Consignment.

There are two ways in which the allocation process operates:

  1. Default Operation (Onforwarder Addresses Disabled)
  2. Onforwarder Addresses Enabled

Once Transport Lanes have been enabled on your CartonCloud account, please refer to the last diagram on this page. 

1. Default Operation (Onforwarder Addresses Disabled)

By default, Onforwarder Addresses are disabled so the Allocation process is very straightforward:

2. Onforwarder Addresses Enabled

To learn more about what Onforwarder Addresses are, and how to use them, see our page on Onforwarder Addresses

Enabling Onforwarder addresses changes the logic for the Delivery Run allocation whenever Onforwarder addresses are used.

Noteworthy points are:

  1. If an onforwarder address has been specified when creating a consignment (which can only be done through the web interface as imported manifests only contain the delivery address), then the onforwarder address will be used to handle the allocation.
  2. When importing a manifest the system will try to automatically insert the onforwarder address if possible by using the A2DR data to perform a Reverse Mapping (a mapping from Delivery Run --> Onforwarder Address)

With Transport Lanes enabled: