What is a Delivery Run 

Delivery Runs in CartonCloud are the geographical boundaries of the places your operation delivers to. 

On the below map you can see different areas in which a transport company delivers to. Each of these areas will have its own Delivery Run in CartonCloud. 

Benefits of using Delivery Runs

Delivery Runs break your Consignments into manageable quantities during allocation. In addition, they enable an efficient and automatic allocation process in CartonCloud.

How to create a Delivery Run

You can either create Delivery Runs manually or create them in bulk using the Export/Import function. 

See Add a Delivery Run for more information. 

Delivery Runs and automatic Consignment allocation 

CartonCloud can automatically allocate a Consignment to the appropriate Delivery Run depending on its pick up location and delivery location. CartonCloud does this using Transport Lanes. Transport Lanes map the to and from addresses to the corresponding Delivery Run. See Setting up CartonCloud to automatically allocate Consignments for more information.