Some improvements have been made (as of November 2022) to the charging screens for transport charges to help clarify when users are manually intervening, and also to assist with determining why rates have failed to calculate. 



Currently, charges are only raised when a consignment is added to an invoice or when a user manually triggers charging by clicking the button on the charges tab of the consignment. This results in consignments not having income associated with them until they are added to an invoice which in most cases is at the end of the week. The impact of this is transport income for those consignments represented in the BI Dashboard will be missing until those consignments have been invoiced. 

With this change, when a consignment is created, the system will attempt to calculate a charge straight away, allowing customers to see the charge for a consignment up front. This change allows the income represented in the BI dashboard to be as inclusive as possible - as all consignments without errors will have income associated with them. 

If you had cascading rate cards configured, the initial predetermination and zones that would be displayed would be zones matched on the primary rate card. This could create confusion as they are not the zones that would actually be used for charging. 

Rate Card Cascades work as expected, displaying the zones from the rate card that will actually be used to determine the rate. When the following occur it will also trigger the zones from the matching rate card to be redetermined:

    • when you click Automatically Calculate Income Charge, 
    • when you add a consignment to an invoice,
    • if the charge has been determined but the consignment/its items are edited, and/or,
    • if the consignment is already on an invoice and a user edits the consignment/items 

When Rates were automatically calculated based on zones and service types, the Income Rate Zone  section would show the zones which applied to the Consignment, whether they had been overridden or not.

This section will show Automatically Determine → Automatically Determine  to indicate that the zones are being determined automatically, unless they are manually overridden. If they are manually overridden, they will also show the manually overridden From and/or To Zone in place of Automatically Determine


This section will now also show if one of the zones could not be found by displaying Undetermined

The Charges table and the Income Rate Zone section of the Consignment would show only the Collect Rate Zone and the Deliver Rate Zone, which could make it difficult to determine which income zones were actually used to determine the rate. 

Both of these columns will show the Rate Zone (from the matching rate card) and the Income Zone (from the zone set matched against each address) in the following format: Rate Zone (Income Zone) as determined by the Rate Cascades. Where transport rates are created using parent zones i.e. Gold Coast, Greater Sydney, you would see those parent zones and then the more specific income zones in brackets Gold Coast South, Western Sydney.

The Charges table showed a Charge Origin column, which is no longer being used in the latest version of charging with Zone Sets. 

The Charge Origin column is no longer required in the current version, and so we have retired this in place of the new Zone Set  column. This will show the zone set which has been used to determine the income zones for the consignment, making it easier to identify how the charge was matched.

Previously, when a charge error occured against the Consignment, it did not show the zones used to find a matching rate. 

With the change comes a few improvements to make diagnosis of errors easier:

  • The Charge Error on the Charges tab will show the appropriate from & to Rate Zones and Income Zones alongside the error
    • This may mean that the error also now shows Undetermined , if the zone happens to be undetermined
  • The Rate Card will link through to the actual rate card in use, if there is a cascade in use, not just the initial rate card

Upon clicking Automatically Calculate charges , the Confirmation screen would show two tables - for Automatically Calculated Charges being added, and one for any existing charges - that wouldn't exactly match the Charges table on the Consignment screen.  


These tables have been improved, and will now directly match the Charges table on the previous page in functionality and appearance - allowing the user to more easily validate that the Automatically Calculated Charges being added and/or removed are correct.