From the consignments page, it's possible to import Consignments if you have a Consignment with Items Parser set up.

To import consignments:

  • Navigate to the Consignments page by typing Consignments into the Search for anything bar.
  • Select the More Button, followed by Import Consignments.

  • A box will appear on the page, allowing you to select the Parser you wish to use to read the file in and choose the file to be read.
  • If you have multiple types of Consignment Item Parsers set up, for example, you have multiple formats provided by your Customers which need to be parsed, then select the appropriate Parser for the file you will be parsing.
  • Select Choose File and find the file you wish to Parse.
  • Once you have selected the file, click Import.

Unsuccessful Import Errors

If the upload is unsuccessful a list of error messages will display on the page providing you with information on what must be amended for the import to run successfully.

In the case shown above the system is telling us that it could not match a Customer record with the Customer name provided in the CSV file. This could be resolved by checking the Customer's actual name in CartonCloud by navigating to Contacts then Customers and then amending the typo in the CSV file before reuploading.

If you encounter an error you can easily resolve it by:

  • Checking the error message provided
  • Amending any typos in the CSV file so fields match exactly what is entered in CartonCloud (for example a Driver's name)
  • Reuploading the amended CSV file by selecting Upload another file.

Successful Import 

If the file is successfully imported the following page will provide a breakdown of the consignments that were created. These results are broken down into separate customers. In the example below two consignments were created using 4 lines in the CSV file (which can be identified by the fact that each consignment has 2 Consignment Item lines each, and as they were for the same customer going to the same place these were aggregated into a single consignment).

What if "Allow multiple consignments to have the same reference" is turned on?

If this Customer level setting is turned on then the Parser will still attempt to aggregate lines into a single consignment with the same Customer reference and customer. However, if it fails because for example, if the two CSV lines have different manifest references, then multiple separate consignments will be created accordingly.

Triggering Notifications with the Parser

The Consignment Item Import Parser will not trigger notifications for newly created Consignments. This is due to its capability to create consignments for multiple customers at a time which would make it possible for customers to see each other's information in the notification.