Point-to-Point consignments contain both a Pickup and Delivery component. This allows a driver to collect a signature at both the collection and delivery points within a single Consignment.

Within the Web Application, Point-to-Point Consignments display with the Delivery Address of the consignment.

Charging Behaviour

Point to Point Consignments are charged like Delivery Consignments, with the Rate Zone being selected based on the Delivery Address. If you wish to charge hourly or a flat rate for these jobs you will need to use an alternative charge scheme.

Mobile App Behaviour

Within the App, Point to Point consignments display with both the Pickup and Delivery component.

  1. The map view shows both the Pickup (1), and the Delivery (2), navigating to the job using Google Maps will load in the Pickup Address as the Pickup needs to be performed first. Similarly, when using the route optimization feature, the Pickup address will be used.
  2. When recording a POD the driver must Record the Pickup POD First. 
  3. Recording information such as the signature and name is optional when performing the Pickup.
    The consignment is then updated to the status "In Transit (Pickup → Delivery)"


4. With the Pickup recorded, the job now turns orange to notify the driver he has the stock on board, it also shows he has completed the Pickup and not the Delivery (1/2)
5. Within the Consignment, the pickup job has now been marked completed with the green tick.
6. Only the Delivery address now shows on the map, and the Delivery address will be loaded into Navigation. Also, route optimization now uses the Delivery address for the consignment.


7. Like a Delivery Consignment, the Proof Of Delivery for the Delivery is required.

8. Once the Proof of Delivery for the Delivery is completed, the Point-to-Point consignment is removed from the job list on the driver's device (exactly like any other consignment). The consignment is then updated to the status "Delivered".
Lodging errors:

On lodging an error for a Point-to-Point consignment, the driver has to choose whether to lodge the error for the Pickup or Delivery part of the consignment. This information will then also be displayed on the error screen of the Web Application.

Retrying failed uploads:

If both the Proof of Pickup and Proof of Delivery have failed, the driver can either Retry All in the Outbox view or retry an individual upload by swiping right-to-left (iOS) or long-pressing (Android) the failed upload in the list. For Point-to-Point consignments, an individual retry on a Proof of Delivery is only allowed if the Proof of Pickup has already been sent through. This is to ensure the job is completed in the correct order.