A Cash on Delivery is a Consignment where the Driver is required to collect payment at the delivery point. This payment could be for just the freight component or the value of the goods.

CartonCloud supports Cash On Delivery (COD) processes within the Web Application and the Mobile App.

The COD process in CartonCloud is designed to provide as much visibility and traceability as possible. 

Cash on Delivery Process

How to enable Cash On Delivery (COD)

To use Cash On Delivery (COD), you need to enable it in the Customer Settings. 
  • Navigate to the Customers page, Contacts>Customers.
  • Select the Customer you wish to apply COD to.
  • Select Edit
  • Select the Transport Management tab.
  • Select the Defaults tab. 
  • Scroll down to the Cash On Delivery box. 
  • From the Accept Cash on Delivery (COD) for the customers consignments setting, select an option from the drop-down menu. 

Setting option

NoThe Customer's Consignments will NOT be able to record COD against the Consignment. 
Yes - Tight Control (Driver will only have the option to record COD if the Consignment is marked as requiring COD)

The Driver will only be able to record COD on the Consignment if the Consignment is marked as requiring COD. This prevents the Driver from being given cash/cheques when the Customer has not specified that particular Consignment is COD. 

Yes - Flexible Control (Driver will always have the option to record COD)The Driver will ALWAYS have the option to record COD on the Consignment even if the Consignment does not have COD listed. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Save

How to mark a Consignment as requiring COD

If you selected the Tight Control option in the above steps, you would need to ensure that the Consignments that require COD are flagged as requiring COD; otherwise, the Driver will not have the option to record the COD. 
  • When adding a Consignment, select the Advanced Options at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Select Yes from the drop-down menu against Cash On Delivery
  • Against Cash On Delivery Requirement, select if you wish it to be required, optional or for the Driver to call the supplier. 
  • Enter the value against the Cash On Delivery Value

  • Scroll down and click +Add Consignment Items

Drivers collecting COD on the mobile app

For more information on recording Cash On Delivery Consignments on the mobile app, click here

How to handle EFT Payments

If the Driver does not pick up either Cash or Cheque due to the store advising they have paid via EFT, the best process for the Driver is to lodge that they collected $0.00.
The system will then ask them why they are not collecting the correct amount of money, and they can then write down: "Customer paid EFT".

The process from here becomes straightforward to handle, as the Cash On Delivery is recorded as $0.00 was collected; the office can then see why the cash was not collected and provide this information back to the client via the Banking Sheet.

Summary of COD Consignments 

Drivers can be given a summary of their COD Consignments for the day. Click here for more information.