If your operation uses a large number of Delivery Runs, you may find the traditional way of allocating (going into each Delivery Run) time consuming and restrictive. It doesn't provide any way of seeing consignments outside of the current run you're allocating which can mean you miss valuable run combinations (mixing jobs from different runs to maximize efficiency).

Bulk Allocation addresses this by allowing you to simultaneously allocate multiple Delivery Runs by letting you search across all consignments due to go out on a certain day.

How to allocate in Bulk

Customising the Bulk Allocation Screen

Optionally the bulk allocation screen can be customised to your liking. Namely, you are able to:

  • Enable/Disable the Map View for Bulk Allocation
  • Change the Interface between Simple/Advanced Mode

For details on how to do this, see the article: Customising the Bulk Allocation Screen

Exporting to Route Optimisation Software

From the bulk allocation page, it is possible to export data to then be imported into another software (such as a route optimisation software), or import data from another software into CartonCloud. 

This is ideal for operations that use CartonCloud as their Transport Management System but use another software for route optimisation. 

For more information on how this functionality works please click here and to set this functionality up in your own CartonCloud account please contact our Integrations team.

Bulk Allocation for 'Undetermined' Delivery Run 

For Consignments that are not yet allocated to a Delivery Run, you can use the 'Undetermined' Delivery Run on the Bulk Allocation screen to allocate them to the appropriate run. The 'Unallocated' Delivery Run helps to ensure no Consignments are missed and that all are allocated accordingly. If you are in the process of setting up your Transport Lanes, you can also use the 'Undetermined' Delivery Run to ensure all different zone combinations are covered. 

To use the 'Undetermined' Delivery Run on the Bulk Allocation screen:

    • From the Bulk Allocation screen, tick the select box next to the Delivery Run name UNDETERMINED

  • You will then see all Consignments that do not have a Delivery Run.
  • From here, you can then select the Consignments you wish to update the Delivery Run for by using the select box next to the Consignment then clicking the Update Delivery Run blue button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the Delivery Run you wish to add the Consignments to and then click Update