Please note that if your CartonCloud account was created prior to 1 July 2019 the below functionality may not be available at this stage. If you would like to discuss further, please contact

The Rate Card Report allows you to extract your Transport Rates from CartonCloud into an easy to read PDF file.

Rates are able to be reported based on the Customer using them, or the Rate Card itself.

Exporting a Rate schedule based on Customer

This is useful for providing your customers with the Transport Rates you are charging them without having to manually look up what Rate Card that Customer is on. 

It also adds the Customer's name to the report.

Exporting a Rate Schedule based on the Rate Card

This is useful for when you wish to provide your Transport rates to someone not yet set up as a Customer (and you know what rate card they will be on). It is also useful when you have a large number of customers on the same Rate Card and you wish to send them all their rates without having to export a rate card for each customer (For example, after increasing your rates).

Because the data within these reports is coming straight from CartonCloud you can be assured that you are giving the Customer the exact rates you are charging them.

To get to the Rate Card Report page select Reports in the main menu, followed by Rate Card Report in the drop-down menu.

To run the report, first, select the Customer you wish to prepare rates for.

Once the customer is selected, the Rate Card they are currently being charged for will appear. For obvious reasons, it is important to ensure that the Customer is on the correct Rate Card before handing them this report (For example, perhaps you have 2020 rates but have forgotten to update the customer from the 2019 rates). This is a great example of why it's important to set a suitable effective and expiry date when creating rates.

Now it's possible to select the particular rates you wish to include in the report, for example perhaps the customer has only requested their Express rates for a particular lane, such as Sydney to Brisbane.

Selecting the status to active will also mean the report only includes Transport Rates the customer is actually being charged for.

Alternatively, leaving all fields set to the default "(all)" will generate a comprehensive rate card report listing all rates currently set up.

Cascading Rates

If you have cascading rates set up against a rate card then the secondary Rate Card will be included in the Rate Schedule. It will appear underneath the Rate Card you have selected. The cascaded rates title will appear at the top left of the page to allow you to identify when the schedule changes from listing rates from one Rate Card to another.

Example Page

The below page is an example of what the Rate Card Report will look like once generated for a Customer. Please note the Logo, Address and other company information will populate based on what you have set up within your Organisation Settings (so your company's logo will appear instead).