To access the Bulk Export Sale Order page select Reports in the main menu, followed by Bulk Export Purchase Orders in the drop-down menu.

The Bulk Export Purchase Order page allows you to export a CSV spreadsheet from CartonCloud containing all data associated with your Purchase Orders which were either added or arrived over a specified date period.

Each Purchase Order Product record on a Purchase Order will generate a new row on the report. 

To generate the report, first, choose whether to use the date the Purchase Order was added to the system or the date the Purchase Order arrived into the Warehouse as the filter.

Then choose the beginning and ending dates for the report to run.

Finally, select Go and the CSV file will be downloaded.

Report Fields

The generated report will contain the following fields for each Purchase Order Product line:

  • id
  • customer
  • customer_reference
  • status
  • date_added
  • last_modifed
  • arrival_date
  • adjustment
  • invoice_id
  • income
  • expense
  • warehouse
  • charge_scheme
  • value
  • order_urgent
  • customer_urgent
  • Chilled Temperature
  • Dry Temperature
  • Frozen Temperature
  • purchase_order_product_id
  • customer_code
  • date_allocated
  • date_depleted
  • product_name
  • product_type
  • product_status
  • warehouse_location
  • pallet_id
  • product_unit_of_measure
  • unit_quantity_inital
  • unit_quantity_onhand
  • unit_quantity_free
  • expiry_date
  • custom_field 1 to 10
  • pop_custom_field 1 to 10