What is a Rate Card

A Rate Card determines what prices your Customer will be charged for your Warehouse and/or Transport services. It also contains the settings that determine how the charges will be applied. Every Customer in CartonCloud has a Rate Card associated with it. By default, the Rate Card associated will be the Default Rate Card, however, you will be able to change this. 

For an overview of how charging in CartonCloud works, see the Customer Charges / Rate Cards Overview page which is part of our setup guide.

Add a Rate Card

For instructions on how to add a Rate Card please see Add/Duplicate a Rate Card for more information.

Edit a Rate Card 

  • Select the relevant Rate Card. 
  • Scroll down and select the blue Edit button. 

See Rate Card Charge Descriptions for information on what each field is. 

Rate Cards Page

To navigate to the Rate Cards page:

  • Select More from the top menu bar and then Rate Cards.
  • From here you will be able to add new Rate Cards, export Rate Cards, see all Rate Cards and the number of Customers associated to them. 

Add New Rate CardTo add a new Rate Card. See Add/Edit Rate Card for more information. 
MoreAllows you to export the details for your entire list of Rate Cards. This can then be updated in bulk and reimported.
RelatedProvides options for importing/exporting information from your rate cards which can then be updated in bulk.