For information on what Product Types are and how they can be used, see the Creating Product Types page which is part of our setup guide.

The Product Types page displays a list of all the Product Types which have been created within your CartonCloud tenancy. From this page, it is possible to Add, View, Edit & Delete product types. 

To get to the Product Types page, type "Product Types" in the Search for anything! bar.

Add Product Type

To add a product type, in the Product Types page, select +Add Product Type.

Then complete the fields on the page. A description of the fields is provided below.

NameThe full name of the product type.
CodeThe code you would like to display on labels for items with this product type.
AliasA shorter name to display.
Store Priority

This field affects what Product Type pushes through to a Consignment when creating it from a Sale Order. As Consignments can only have one Product type, in the scenario where you have both Chilled and General freight going together, you would likely want to give Chilled a higher priority, so all the freight then travels in a chilled vehicle.

Set Product Type as DefaultWill set all new products created to have this product type. Only one product type will ever be ticked with this setting.

Once completed, select Save

A Success! banner will appear in the browser and the newly created product type will now be listed amongst all other Product Types.

View Product Type

To view a product type,  in the Product Types page, select Edit.

This page will let you view the field settings for the particular product type. It will also allow you to apply that product type to existing warehouse locations (and thus remove the old Product type from that location). To do this, towards the bottom of the page, select Warehouse locations. Then, tick all the warehouse locations which you would like to mark as using that product type and click Save. Be aware that altering this could affect other system behaviours such as storage charges and stock selection if they have been configured.

From the View Product type page, you can also check what Products and Product Groups are using the product type you are viewing. To check this, towards the bottom of the page, select Products or Product Groups as required.

Edit Product Type

The edit product types page allows you to edit already created product types. If are editing a product type and not sure what a field is for, refer to the Add Product Type sections table of fields and their descriptions.

Delete Product Type

Only product types which are not currently associated with Warehouse Locations or Products can be deleted.

To delete a Product select Delete next to that product, then select OK in the popup window. 

A Success! banner should then appear in the browser and the Product type will disappear from the list of Product Types.