The email parsing log provides a history of all emails being sent to and imported by the CartonCloud system. This can be used to diagnose issues with email importing or to simply check what emails have been received.

Viewing the Email Parsing Log

The Email Parsing Log can be accessed by selecting More in the main menu, then Parsing Log in the drop-down.

Once there, you can see information about what emails have been received up to 30 days ago.

If you want to filter what is shown, simply enter an email address, or part of an email address into the search filters and click Go.

You can click on individual records within the list to bring up additional information, and action buttons.

Reprocess Emails

If you have a particular email import which was unsuccessful for some reason (email address not setup, parser not configured etc), then you can reprocess an email directly from within the Email Parsing Log by simply clicking the "Reprocess" button:

This will re-process the job, and provide you with the result once completed.

Downloading Attachments

You can download the attachments from the email by clicking the "Download Attachments" button.
This will download a zip file that contains all of the attachments that were within the original email.