Parsers are able to read data and then import the data into CartonCloud in a format the system can understand. Then, using the data, the Parser can create or update a record in CartonCloud, for example, a Sale Order or Consignment. 

There are three ways a Parser can be used with CartonCloud:

  1. Web application upload - the parser file can be uploaded directly to CartonCloud. For example, from the Consignments page, you can select More>Import Consignments and select the file you wish to parse, and the new Consignments will be created. You can also use the 'Parse a File' page to parse in new orders. Your customers can also use CartonCloud to upload the parser file. To do this, you will need to add the Customer to the Parser. 
  2. Email - the parser file can be uploaded via emailing the file to a set email address. See Parsers and Configuring Parsers for Customers for more information. 
  3. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) - please contact the CartonCloud team for more information. 

This page will focus on parsing a file by web application upload


Before you use the 'Parse a file' page to upload your parser, you will need to add the Customer to the Parser. Please see Configuring Parsers for Customers for more information. 

You will also need to download the template associated with the Parser and use this to upload the data into CartonCloud. To download the template:

  • Navigate to the relevant Parser by typing Parsers into the Search for anything bar. Click View against the relevant Parser. 
  • Click Download

  • Alternatively, you can use this page to download the relevant file. 

How to parse a file

  • Navigate to the Parse a file page, More>Parse a file.
  • Select the Customer you wish to parse the file for.
  • Select the relevant Parser.
  • Select the file.
  • Select if you wish to send an import email to the customer.
  • Click Upload. 

Parser Troubleshooting

Please see Parser Troubleshooting for steps on how to resolve Parser issues.