Address Configuration

Address Code Enabled Display Address Codes throughout CartonCloud. If enabled, you are able to add an address code to the address. This code will show on the address list view page. 
Onforwarder Address Display EnabledIf enabled, shows the Onforwarder Address if any, throughout CartonCloud
Addresses Require ApprovalIf enabled, any new Addresses that are added to CartonCloud will require approval
Automatically Format the Case of new AddressesIf enabled, any new Addresses that are added will be formatted in a consistent way
International AddressesAllow International Addresses to be entered in CartonCloud
Default Address CountrySets the Default Country Used for Addresses

Banking Sheets Configuration

Setting Description
Show the Cash On Delivery breakdown when exporting a Banking SheetIf enabled, when exporting a Banking Sheet you will have a breakdown of the Cash on Delivery by money value (e.g the number of $50 notes). 

Bulk Allocation Configuration

Setting Description
Bulk Allocation Map EnabledShows the map on the Bulk Allocation screen
Bulk Allocation Simple InterfaceOnly shows the one listing table for both selection and action in Bulk Allocation
Allocate Run Sheets Default

Name Description
Override Consignments Delivery RunDefault Override Consignments Delivery Run checkbox to checked on Bulk Allocation Screen
Consignment OrderWhen perform bulk allocation set the order of the consignments to the order in which they were selected?

Carrier Configuration

Allow Multiple Carriers to be entered into CartonCloudIf you have multiple carriers handling your transport this can be enabled to allow those carriers to be entered and used within the system. 

Character Set Configuration

Enable all special characters (UTF-8) to be loaded through Parsers / Address StringsAs per the setting name.
Require exact Address String match. Setting to 'No' will match on similar 'sounding' stringsAs per the setting name.

Charges Configuration

Setting Description
Enable Warehouse Expense ChargesFor full details about this setting see the article: Calculating Warehouse Expenses (4PL)

Consignment Configuration

Consignment Pickup Address Required Always Enabling this option means that a User has to enter a pickup address regardless of what the Consignment Pickup Address option is set to

Customer Settings

Stop Customers from being able to add their own Products

If this is not enabled Customers will be able to create their own Product records when logged in to CartonCloud. If you do not wish for them to be able to do this then please enable this setting.

Allows Customers to view the Consignment Errors screen with only their own errors shownIf you enable this then Customers will be able to see consignment errors raised against their consignments. We suggest letting you Driver's know if this is enabled so they are aware that Consignment Errors can be seen by Customers.
Customer Code Enabled Show the Customer Code field throughout CartonCloud

Delivery Runs Configuration

Show Export Unallocated Load Sheets Allow Users to Export the Load Sheets for Delivery Runs 
Show the Status column in the Run Sheets tableWhen viewing run sheets the following statuses will now be available: Draft, Awaiting, Building, Built, Ready for Delivery.
Enables same day allocation of Consignments to Delivery Runs

When manifests are marked "In Warehouse" the system will set a "Delivery Run Date" so that the consignments will be available for allocation on that particular date.

If you wish to allow same-day allocation (ie. the "Delivery Run Date" will be the same as the date that the manifest is received and the status is updated to "In Warehouse") then you will need to enable the setting "Same Day Allocation"

Cut Off Time:

You may only want to allow same-day allocation if manifests are updated to "In Warehouse" prior to 2:00 pm.  In this case, set the cut off time as 14:00 (24 Hour Clock). Any manifests which are updated to "In Warehouse" after 2:00 pm would be now pushed to the next day for delivery.

Manifests Configuration

Show Comments Sort ArrivalsShows the Delivery Run Date and any Special Instructions on the Manifests Sort Arrivals screen and in Delivery Runs view screen.

Picking Configuration

Default Wave Picking TabSets which tab is displayed initially when viewing a Wave Pick (Either Products or Sale Orders)
Default Wave Pick TypeSets the default Wave Pick type used when adding a new Wave Pick (Standard or Split Pick and Pack Process)
Allow Forceful Completion of Run Sheet Type Wave Picks Sets whether or not users can forcefully complete Run Sheet type Wave Picks 
The format of labels printed for Consignments from a Run Sheet type Wave Pick 

Sets what format the PDF generated for labels will be when done from a Run Sheet type Wave Pick. 


  • A4 Page - up to 4 labels per page
  • Per page - single label per page 
Print One Label per Sale Order ProductSets whether or not to print one label for each Sale Order Product when in a Wave Pick instead of calculating measures and printing the appropriate number of labels
Picking Label Sort OptionsOrder in which the labels are printed. 

Printing Configuration

Enable Zebra Label Printing via CartonCloud Connect (Printnode)If you wish to print Zebra Labels through CartonCloud this must be enabled. For more information see Printing from CartonCloud
Adjust Label MarginsAllows you to adjust the size of the margin on the corresponding label formats. 

Scan Allocation Configuration

Setting Description
Enable Scanner DelayEnable or disable a barcode reading delay on scanners. Enable this setting when barcodes are getting cut off by the scanner.

Sorting Configuration

Setting NameDescription
Optimise address sorting order weeklyAllows CartonCloud to try and work out address sorting habits
The number of Run Sheets used by CartonCloud to try and work out the address sorting habitsThe number of run sheets the above setting will use to optimise address sorting.
Save "datetime via API" when reordering consignments on run sheetSaves the date and time when reordering Consignments

Unit of Measure Configuration 

Setting NameDescription

The unit of measure utilised for weight in your tenancy. Upon selecting a unit of measure, the weight will be displayed in the selected unit of measure throughout the application. This includes Products, Consignments and Transport Products. 

Options: Ton (t), Pounds (lb), Tonne (t), Kilograms (kg)

For more information please see Changing the unit of measure in your tenancy


The unit of measure utilised for dimensions in your tenancy. Upon selecting a unit of measure, all dimensions will be displayed in the selected unit of measure throughout the application. This includes Products, Consignments and Transport Products. 

Options: Centimeters (cm), Meters (m), Feet (ft), Inches (in)

For more information please see Changing the unit of measure in your tenancy

Date Format Configuration 

Setting nameDescription
Date Format

The format in which the date will be displayed throughout CartonCloud.

Date format options:

  • Year-Month-Day
  • Day-Month-Year
  • Month-Day-Year 

Widget Configuration

Setting Description
Consignment Widget Display FieldSelects what Unit Of Measure is displayed in the Consignments Widget